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A lineup of Altus workstations on wheels over a dotted blue background, which include WOW cart, powered carts, point-of-care carts, and medical computer carts.

Workflow Solutions

Altus Computer Workstation Solutions

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Battery Powered Carts

Combining a long-lasting rechargeable battery, that lasts an entire shift, and ample work surface to create an unbeatable workstation on wheels.

Battery Powered Carts
Healthcare workers and patient

Non-Powered & Kidney Carts

The original computer workstation on wheels. With a focus on mobility, nurses can bring all of their equipment to any room, with just a push, or adjust the height to fit sitting or standing.

Non-Powered Carts
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Telehealth & Tablet Carts

Focused on connecting patients to their families and clinicians. With the help of telemedicine technology, the Cameo line makes virtual visits feel in-person.

Telehealth & Tablet Carts

At Altus, our passion is to improve the delivery of healthcare.

Each Altus technology workstation is engineered in improve workflows and create comfortable workspaces for clinicians. From computers on wheels to bedside workstations, there's a solution for every need.

Designed for superior mobility, adjustability, and workspace, Altus workstations on wheels have become the epicenter of every clinician's shift.

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“Working with a local company like Altus, allowed us to collaborate efficiently helping us achieve the design requirements and tight project timelines demanded by our customer. Altus is extremely flexible and reliable which makes them easy to do business with. Their products almost sell themselves as they look great, are purpose-built, and are extremely durable. Couple that with an organization that strives for service excellence and you have a winning formula.”

Engineered for the User Experience

Nurse and Patient


Clinicians move across their floors and interact with patients all day. Mobile workstations were built to aid them in each interaction with gathering their EMRs.

Helping Clinicians
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Created from die-cast aluminum and hundreds of hours of testing, each hospital cart comes with many years of constant use, so IT teams can stay worry-free.

Helping IT Departments
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Caregiving takes more than a smile to offer exceptional care. Altus workstations are built to improve healthcare, from data accuracy to patient-clinician interactions.

Helping Healthcare
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