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IT’s Preferred Workstation

Resilient Design with Health IT in Mind

Altus Advanced Workflow Solutions are designed for easy implementation, intuitive for clinicians to use daily, and durable for a seamless cart ownership experience for IT teams.

ClioAir Connect next to Hospital Bed

Tailored for IT Excellence

Worry-Free Deployment

Each mobile medical cart comes fully assembled to prevent headaches. Simply unpack your workstations, and deploy.

Long-Lasting Workstations

From the materials we choose, to the testing methos we implement, our workstations are able to handle all tasks a healthcare setting may have for years.

Full-Coverage Warranty Options

Altus backs each of our medical PC carts with a 5-year limited warranty. With additional warranty options, IT teams can be confident that their fleet of workstations will be in working order for as long as their clinicians need them.

Learn More About Altus Clinical Workstations

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