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Altus OEM Capabilities

Headquartered in west Michigan, Altus delivers quality-made solutions in the USA with our domestically-sourced supply chain. We support successful deployments of concept to CAD to production units in months, not years.

OEM Group 1
Altus OEM Grouping 1

Readily Available Resources

The Altus team is here to help you take your product from vision to commercial. Our resources include: research & development, design engineering, production engineering, quality assurance & compliance, injection molding, prototype capabilities, tooling, steel & aluminum fabrication, wire harness assembly, technology integration, IoT-enablement, software, and more.

Altus OEM Grouping 2

Voice of Customer Program

We focus on gathering insights and feedback directly from end-users to ensure solutions are aligned with their needs, preferences, and pain points, leading to more customer-centric solutions.

Grand Rapids

Partnership Alignment

As part of discovery, our team works closely with all stakeholders to establish the right Master Service Agreement & Statement of Work to support your initial and future product requirements.

Agile Altus

We Stay Agile

Product development is an ongoing process, and it's important to be adaptable and open to change while still adhering to an established timeline, required deliverables, and your budget requirements.

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