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Wall-Mounted Workstations

Streamlined Space, Focused Care

Affordable and durable wall-mounted EMR workstations that are designed for bedside point-of-care. Reach wall mounts offer flexibility in any direction, so clinicians can sit, stand, and work with ease.

Reach wall mount 1

Benefits of Reach Bedside Wall-Mounted Workstations

Triangle of Care

Communication between patient, clinician, and technology is crucial. Reach improves the patient’s experience and aids in creating a stress-free environment.


Folding 10” from the wall, and the lightweight design allows clinicians to move Reach out of the way when not in use to free up much needed space.

Use Cases

Seamlessly working into workflows in any acute or non-acute department. Perfect for pre/post-op bays, and MOB’s.

Reach Wall Mounts

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