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About Us

Michigan over beach

Vision to Venture

Our origin story began back in 2001 in Western Michigan with a small team dedicated to engineering and producing superior quality workstations ergonomically designed to promote health, productivity, and ease-of-use. 

Soon after, encouraged by a request from a large, local health system, Altus began applying these principles to the production of clinical mobile workstations and never looked back. 

After more than two decades, our passion continues to be fueled by the benevolence of enabling patient care delivery. 

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Modern Milestones

As our reach and reputation expanded to customers all across and outside the country—and even beyond healthcare—we’ve invested significantly in innovation, beginning with powered workstations, then telehealth, IoT-enabled connectivity, and now AI-enabled virtual care. 

Additionally, other companies entrust us to help them realize their own visions by providing engineering design and OEM production of their unique solutions.

Meet the Altus Team

Jeremy Headshot

Jeremy Spinney

Chief Executive Officer Altus, Inc.
Curt Headshot

Curt Koehn

Chief Commercial Officer Altus Inc.

Diane Deboer-Schmitt

Director of Finance Altus Inc.
Sal Headshot

Salvatore Vilardi

Director of R & D Altus Inc.

Steve O'Berski

Director of Operations Altus Inc.

Bridget Conley

Director of Marketing Altus Inc.
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Aspiring to Ascend

Down every path, and as our manufacturing operation has scaled profoundly and efficiently, the Altus team still carries with us our original charter and ideals: to design and produce the highest quality products with materials sourced domestically (whenever possible), to put our customers’ needs before our own, and to promote the values and collective talent of our home state of Michigan. 

If you’re not a customer or a partner of ours yet, give us call. We can’t wait to get to know you and to learn how we can work together to make your operation better for years to come.

Altus Core Values

Collaborative Innovation

Cultivating open communication and evaluation to ensure value.

Product Excellence

Delivering Made in the USA, built-to-last solutions.

Customer Commitment

Elevating customer experiences to support clinicians & patients.


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