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ClioAir Connect™ IoT Workstations

Featuring ClioConnect™ software for optimized fleet management

ClioAir Connect, ClioConnect

Changing Workflows with IoT Enabled Workstations

Discover the next level of healthcare innovation with ClioAir Connect, a completely improved workstation solution for healthcare professionals to deliver bedside patient care. With a focus on enhancing the quality of interactions between caregivers and patients, ClioAir Connect streamlines clinical workflows and provides instant access to real-time data, ensuring that the focus remains on patient well-being.

The Value of ClioConnect

Clinical Teams

Enhances Beside Care

Streamline Workflows

Real-time Data Access

Simplifies Administrative Tasks

Improved Ergonomics

Supply Chain

Advanced Analytics

Cart Inventory Optimization

Cost Management Strategies

Equipment Availability

IT Teams

Integration with IT Systems

Certified Data Security Features

Intuitive Dashboard

Reduce IT Workload

Proactive Battery Monitoring

ClioConnect Software

Cart service, connected to the cloud

Each ClioAir Connect™ workstation comes equipped with the sophisticated IoT software ClioConnect™.

Created to be IT team-friendly, ClioConnect is a cloud-based solution that enables power system data to be pushed through to a cloud server to be remotely diagnosed by the Altus service team. The software reduces equipment downtime while improving staff satisfaction during troubleshooting.

ClioAir Connect next to Hospital Bed

Smart Carts, Smarter Care

ClioAir Connect™ workstations are advanced IoT-connected carts tailored for both clinicians and IT professionals. FIPS-certified security safeguards patient data, offering robust protection and reliability. 

The oversized UI ensures ease of use and accessibility, streamlining operations in bustling healthcare settings. Designed for effortless integration, ClioAir Connect simplifies workflows and IT tasks, enhancing patient care delivery. 

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