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Altus in Education

Enhancing the Learning Experience

Laptop carts for schools to provide interactive learning environments, so students and teachers can experience increased levels of productivity, focus and collaboration. These flexible workstations lead a more engaged learning experience for all.

Altus Education Carts

Learning & Flexibility

Grow Social Skills

The interactive nature of sit-to-stand desks in schools improves the social skills of students, since they can easily roll over the students and work through problems.

Socratic Seminars

Allowing students to approach information through a group discussion encourages them to look at the information on a deeper level. Students can work together to come to a conclusion while taking an active role in the lesson.

Proper Posture

Altus laptop carts encourage students to sit and stand with proper posture. Setting students up early to have the correct ergonomic stance for their body keep any feelings of fatigue and back pain away for years to come. 

The Classroom Revolution

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