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Financing Your Medical Technology Workstations

Having up-to-date medical equipment that helps your staff is crucial to offering detailed care. Altus knows the challenges that come with budgeting for new equipment. To ensure you're able to meet the needs of healthcare, Altus now offers customizable financing and leasing options made to meet the needs of healthcare today.
Hospital financing meeting

The Right Equipment at the Right Price

Each staff member has specific needs for their shift duties, which require the right equipment to assist. Altus is here to ensure your facility receives every medical cart they need, all while staying within budget. Our leasing and financing experts will work through your options from start to finish, so you can offer the right equipment at the right price.

Benefits of Financing a Workstation Fleet

  • Keep your fleet management on pace regardless of high capital costs
  • Offer the best equipment to staff
  • Low fixed monthly payments
  • Flexible options that work on your terms
  • The perfect solution to your unique needs
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In a hospital hallway a nurse uses a battery powered computer cart and a doctor helps a patient with a non-powered wow cart.
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