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Sell Sheet

ClioMed - M3 LCD Cart Medication Delivery Cart

M3 Spec Sheet

Download for full details on our ClioMed LCD Medication Delivery Powered Cart

ClioMed is the most ergonomic medication delivery solution on the market. Coupled with unsurpassed security and intuitive design, clinicians will experience improved workflow while increasing patient satisfaction.


• Push button sit-to-stand height adjustability (Electric lift)
• Side-access drawers: Caregiver does not have to bend over
• Touchscreen and control features are easily accessible
• 5.5" Height Adjustable LCD Monitor

• Electronically identify individual drawers
• Individual drawer unlock with auto-locking
• Auto Tracking of drawer access
• Silent visible alarms
• Locking technology storage area

Workflow Features:

• Resistive Touchscreen technology functions
Complies with wearing of gloves.
• Optional RFID Badge Reader
• “Open-all” feature
• Adjustable Bin divider system
• Easy to clean

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