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Medication Workstation Solutions for Pharmacies

Altus manufactures medication carts to improve pharmacy workflows. The workstations on wheels (WOW) and computers on wheels (COW) bring an added layer of security, mobility, and flexibility to pharmacies so they can improve their workflows and make medication administration and distribution as easy as possible.
A pharmacist works on the ClioMed while preparing the medications to administer to hospital patients.

Medical Bedside Carts to Improve Workflows

Pharmacists are in charge of not only gathering the different medications for patients, but also finding ways to reduce the chance of a medication error occurring.

Altus engineered the ClioMed to foster a smooth medication delivery process. The secure bins and the mobile nature of the pharmacy medication delivery cart improves the workflows of both pharmacists and clinicians, giving both professions the confidence needed to properly gather medicine.

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How Altus Workstations Fit in Pharmacies

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Preventing Medication Errors

The ClioMed medication cart allows pharmacists to organize an entire floor's medications in a clear way. With individually locking bins and a user interface that controls the bins, pharmacists can ensure the right medication is administered to the right patient.

Preventing Errors
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Altus has developed the Altus Assist: Economic Boost Program that keeps your hospital's capital in your hands while enabling you access to new advanced workflow solutions.

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Secure Locking Bins

Each ClioMed medication cart has secure locking bins that give pharmacists the confidence the medication will be secure for the duration of the administration route. The drawers can only be opened with a code given to each clinician, keeping the medication locked away and lowering the chances of an error.

Secure Storage
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