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Altus in the Office

Altus manufactures mobile standing desks for offices. Their ergonomic design allows employees to work in the optimal position to increase productivity and improve satisfaction in the workplace.

Bring flexibility to the workplace

Altus designed each sit-to-stand cart and slim workstation on wheels with ergonomics in mind. They offer 18" of height adjustment to fit any employee and create a comfortable working space.

The highly mobile casters make it easy for employees to move the tables from one location to another. They can roll the table next to another employee and foster open communication and collaboration.

A kidney cart sits in an office ready to be used by any employee.
"As an equipment-focused distributer, CME Corp looks for manufacturer partners that exhibit the same values and quality service that we extend to our customers. Altus not only produces a quality product line up, but their sales support and customer service are exceptional."

Transform your workspaces

Altus standing desks offer more than just an ergonomic desk. They can transform any workspace. From remote employee offices to corporate designs, they are completely rejuvenated.

With slim WOW carts, creating discussion pods or hosting flexible meetings are more achievable than ever. Employees can grab a standing desk and move straight into their next meeting.

Start transforming your remote office or building's office design by starting a quote. Our Altus experts will help you every step of the way and match you with the perfect mobile office desk.

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An office workers uses a kidney cart to stand while working.
The design of an at-home office.

Productivity for remote workers

Remote workers are always in search of adjustability options for their workflows. Finding a way to improve productivity

They look for a way to improve their productivity without taking up too much space within their homes. Kidney carts and sit-to-stand carts offer a compact way to improve the productivity of remote workers. Employees are able to wheel their workstation anywhere in their home office without fear it won't fit, and can easily adjust to height to match their needs.

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