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A square mobile workstation on wheels (WOW) so any nurse can have space for all of their equipment and smoothly move from room to room.
The non-powered wow cart sits in an office at the same height as the desk for extra space and the option to move around.

RNR-4 Laptop Cart

A Non-Powered Laptop Carts Product

The RNR-4 is highly mobile and built with durable die-cast aluminum. The large worksurface gives you plenty of room for your laptop and beyond. Quietly height adjust 18” with the smooth hand lever.

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The RNR-4 features a 24”D x 30”W and height adjustment hand lever for an ergonomic and personalized workspace. This large mobile cart allows you to bring a laptop and other materials from room to room.

Compact Footprint

Space is incredibly valuable in healthcare environments. Our compact footprint is so important for both functionality and satisfaction.

Clinician focused

Happy clinicians make happy patients! Each Altus cart effortlessly height adjusts to each unique caregiver.


With our proprietary Ascend lift technology, it’s easy to raise and lower workstations to create eye contact.

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Download Specifications

RNR-4 Laptop Cart Spec Sheet
Non-Powered Cart Brochure

Model number:

  • RNR-4-YYYY

Worksurface dimensions:

  • 24”D x 30”W


  • Dimensions 18”W x 20”D
  • Ascend height adjustable base


  • 48 lbs.


  • 1” Rectangle surface
  • 3D thermofoil reversed teardrop edge
  • Height adjustment hand lever
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Altus wow cart with a battery.