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Workstation Solutions for Clinicians

Clinicians are in charge of every patient who walks into their hospital doors. In order to help their patients, clinicians need computer workstations that offer higher levels of mobility, flexibility, and durability to their workflows.

Altus designs for healthcare workers

Since our inception, Altus has been discovering new ways to assist in improving the delivery of healthcare. We have spent more than 20 years listening to what clinicians want to improve their workflows, and designing computer workstations that match every need.

Each workstation is manufactured to remove physical strain from clinicians' bodies, while also creating a streamlined version of their original workflow. Powered and non-powered computer carts by Altus are engineered to be the best workstation option for every healthcare worker, despite their job duties, height requirements, or workflow needs.

A nurse prepares their tablet cart for a teleconference while another nurse gives her the information.

How medical grade carts improve clinician workflows

Lucciano and tablet card group


Altus has developed the Altus Assist: Economic Boost Program that keeps your hospital's capital in your hands while enabling you access to new advanced workflow solutions.

Finance Your Workstations
Altus 172 card group

EHR charting

Inputting all data into electronic health records can be time-consuming. Having immediate access to the EHRs via workstations keeps clinicians engaged with their patients, while also ensuring the clinician doesn't forget vital information.

Best Practices for EHRs
Bridget and Clio Air2 card group

Ergonomic design

Over the course of any shift, a nurse can have lifted up to 1.8 tons. Medical PC carts work to lower the strain on clinicians, so there's less of a chance of them experiencing pain and can focus on their patients.

Why ergonomics matters
"The laptop cart is so helpful! Our team loves these carts as they improve our ability to function much more effectively throughout our assessment day, in turn increasing our productivity. Before we got these laptop carts we were playing a tricky balancing act typing away with our computers on our laps in our dark clinical observation rooms. These carts roll so smoothly and you can easily adjust the height with one simple movement and only with one hand! They have proven to allow for greater flexibility in tight office quarters and the clinicians love to adjust them to their liking!”

Power to last an entire shift

With how busy clinicians are, every second counts. Including every second of power their workstations can give them without having the be charged. Altus used LiFe batteries in our powered workstations, so clinicians can go about their entire shift without worrying about the state of their computer workstations. Instead, they can focus on their patients.

Two healthcare workers walk through their hospital with a rounding cart and a battery powered cart.
Two healthcare workers track the location of their equipment while another worker uses their kidney cart to input EHR data.

The answer to missing equipment

Before beginning their shift, a clinician has to search their floor for an open, and charged, computer on wheels so they can input EHR data. This process can eat up precious time, sometimes resulting in the clinician being unable to find the equipment.

Altus is partnering with Intelligent Locations to put an end to this and bring workstations on wheels back into the hands of clinicians with RTLS asset tracking.

Find your lost equipment
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