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The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Your Cart

By | Published Jan 29, 2021

If there is one thing we’ve learned from working in the medical device industry, it’s that every clinician’s needs are different, making an easy to customize cart a top-priority in our design efforts. Several factors influence the workstation requirements from the clinicians themselves, to their environment, to the patients they serve.

Nurses must have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently—the right workstation can significantly improve results on both fronts. Today, we are going to explore the many ways clinicians can customize their carts to make them function perfectly for their departments.

Why customize your workstation?

Now it’s simpler and easier than ever to turn your Altus cart into a fully customized workstation with our thoughtful line of ergonomically-designed products and accessories.

Employing the right accessories for your workstation can take your gear to the next level. Careful updates like easy to open drawers, accessible bins, increased storage, streamlined casters, and even power extensions can change the way that clinicians approach their day-to-day work.

When your staff doesn’t have to unnecessarily bend down to reach a bin or strain to push the cart from room to room, that improves the ergonomic function of their daily responsibilities, making it safer and easier to perform their tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at these accessories and how they can boost productivity, streamline workflow, and reduce fatigue.

Maximize space with the right bins.

Nearly all nurses seek increased space in their workstations, and utilizing bins can provide a better storage solution. Altus has bins in several shapes and sizes from containers to utility baskets to medication-specific holders and an array of other supplies.

To make the best use of space, Altus’ bins are typically mounted on the main column or the back of the work surface on the workstation. These are ideal spots to store barcode holders, small printers, documents, and other task-related items.

Bins can declutter workstations, providing easy access to all the necessary equipment to deliver patient care. This approach also improves productivity, as clinicians won’t have to run back and forth for supplies.

Include storage and security with accessory drawers.

In medical settings, there is a whole host of sensitive products from costly supplies to medications and more. These belongings must remain safe and secure throughout each shift. One way to increase workstation security is to add an accessory drawer.

You can choose from a single or double drawer which can be either column-mounted or work surface-mounted. We designed our drawers to slide easily without user constraint, making them ergonomically sound. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of drawers and where they fit best.

  • Column Mounted Drawers
    • This set has options for a single or double lockless drawer. Its smooth, convenient, and adaptable design enables simple opening and closing. The models for non-powered cart drawers are DS1-NL and DS2-NL. The models for powered cart drawers are PT-DS1-NL and PT-DS2-NL.
  • Work Surface Mounted Drawers
    • Designed with ease and functionality, the work surface drawer optimizes the user-experience. The DSW-NL work surface mounted drawers boast easy access without a lock or key and are compatible with both powered and non-powered carts. Looking for a more secure storage solution? Altus also carries the same DSW drawer with a lock built into the workstation with punch code access.

It’s important that our products not only incorporate the highest caliber function but that they look good doing it. Many of our drawers are designed with a modern platinum finish, bringing added style to the workstation.

Consider shelves for workstation durability.

Altus created several multipurpose, reliable shelves to hold printers, laptops, scanners, and other equipment. Our shelves are adjustable and can be easily installed to fit each clinician’s optimal set-up.

Attaching the shelves is simple with our ergonomically produced mounting brackets. Mounting brackets for small items such as barcode scanners allow you to keep valuable instruments handy yet unobtrusive.

This design eliminates uncomfortable bending or squatting when trying to access important equipment. The BCHPS1 and BCHPS2 are the ideal workstations mounting brackets to achieve this goal. Adjusting the equipment is simple thanks to the sturdy nano suction cups.

Clinicians have their pick between one or two shelves to add to their workstations, both of which come in a modern platinum finish.

Turn your workstation light as air with top-of-the-line casters.

The right casters can transform your workstation into a light-weight mobile unit. With the average nurse walking over 5 miles per shift, it’s vital to have equipment that doesn’t add more strain to the body.

Altus offers four distinct, heavy-duty types of casters, making each workstation truly ergonomic. Our handpicked models were made to fit in any environment you may have.

  1. Runner casters: Best suited for an office or educational setting. It’s a lighter-duty caster with 50mm wheels. It features two locking and two non-locking wheels keeping your cart firm in place.
  2. Rollerblade Casters: 100mm casters with easy mobility, functionality, and high-quality aesthetics. They are designed specifically for lighter non-powered carts.
  3. Shepherd Casters: These casters are constructed of glass-filled nylon body and a reliable wheel making them sleek and stylish. Shepherd casters are easy to operate, glide over both carpet and hard floors, and are extremely quiet, making them ideal for a sensitive healthcare environment.
  4. Tente Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters: This is the floor-to-floor solution you’ve been looking for that easily maneuvers elevator thresholds. They are made from high-grade synthetic materials with non-marking precision ball bearings and a directional lock. A locking lever keeps the cart steady and immobile until activated by the user.

Use power accessories to detangle your workstation.

Several clinicians embrace technology in their workstations from laptops to barcode scanners to printers and more, and what do all of these items have in common—they all have cords. A string of cords can tangle and clutter your workstation, leading to inefficiency.

To fix that problem, add some practical power accessories like a cable management system, chord tray organization, or a chord holder. Altus also carries a USB-powered light, which is great for evening rounds. A well-lit station helps mitigate errors and decrease eye-strain.

Altus prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for any power accessory you may need, which saves you time and money.

Keep your barcodes safe and fully charged with a holder.

Altus produces four barcode holders each designed with stellar functionality.

  • BCH-15: Barcode and Charging Base Holder. This holder is a great companion to a medication delivery cart sporting an easy to reach and space-efficient design that makes the bedside barcode scanner within reach.
  • BCH-11: Barcode Scanner & Charger Holder. Upgrade your wall-mount workstation with this sleek holder. Since it attaches to the track, it doesn’t interfere with any other part of your workstation.
  • BCH-7: Swivel Barcode Holder. Scan from any (and every) angle with this holder. Featuring a 180-degree radius, it highlights the flexibility and a smooth transition that will work with a powered or non-powered cart.
  • BCH-14: Adjustable Barcode Holder. This attaches behind your monitor so it’s right at your fingertips and is fit to accommodate both right and left-handed clinicians. It functions with nearly any Altus cart.

We love creating high-quality products with ergonomics top of mind. It’s important to us that the cart accessories are accessible when you need them and easy to store when you don’t. Our barcode holder solutions come in a platinum finish and are made with durable materials that will stand the test of time.

Customization matters.

Every hospital, department, and clinician staff has different needs. Selecting the right cart for your department is step one, and the next step is to customize that cart to best suit the daily needs of your staff and patients.

At Altus, we know that smart and ergonomic designs bolster productivity, improve workflow, and ultimately, provide a better patient experience. It’s our passion to create products that help clinicians do their jobs safely and effectively, and all of our accessories work to achieve that goal.

What are you waiting for? Take your workstation to the next level with some of these thoughtful, ergonomic, and stylish designs.

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