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Choosing the Best Caster for Your Workstation

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How to choose and use casters to improve mobility and workflow efficiency in your hospital.

A mobile computer cart allows clinicians to document electronic health records (EHRs) next to a patient’s bed and improve patient satisfaction. In truth, every workstation's mobility and ease of use come down to its casters. Without quality and reliable casters, the cart can be unsteady and/or difficult to move.

Casters for medical workstations come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Some materials are better suited for hospital floors than others, and each caster type promotes a specific functionality. Read on to understand which type of caster matches your hospital’s needs and maximize your workstation on wheel’s mobility.

Choosing the right caster type

There is a range of different types of casters. Choosing the best one is determined by a variety of factors. You could have the lightest battery powered cart on the market, but with the wrong casters, the rolling resistance can be so much it feels as if it's the heaviest cart imaginable. Before deciding the best casters for your workflow, make note of:

  • The environment the cart operates
  • The type of computer cart
  • The weight will be of the cart
  • Any floor obstacles the cart encounters

Rollerblade Casters

Rollerblade Casters

For a caster option that offers added maneuverability and durability, the Rollerblade caster is the perfect solution. The 100mm rollerblade-style casters offer a reliable caster for non-powered laptop and LCD carts. Rollerblade casters glide along the ground with no issues, not hesitating when it moves from hardwood to carpet.

The best computer workstations to pair with Rollerblade casters are any non-powered cart that is designed for healthcare environments. A clear finish brings a sleek design into the sturdy caster, giving any computer cart a clean finish that fits perfectly into any hospital.

Shepherd Casters

Shrouded Casters

If battery powered computer carts are what your hospital plans to deploy, the shrouded single-wheel casters offer a reliable, smooth-wheel experience. Each of these casters is constructed of a glass-filled nylon body, offering a durable wheel that can handle the added weight.

In addition to the wheels being strong enough to handle heavier objects than non-powered carts, Shepherd casters are also quiet enough to not disturb any patients in a hospital. The precision ball bearings make it easy for clinicians to maneuver through the small spaces between a patient’s bed and the wall. In addition to its quiet and compact nature, the Shepherd caster’s strong protective body can be easily cleaned and block unwanted debris. Its integrated thread guards protect wheels from entangling debris.

When it comes to floor types and obstacles, the Shepherd casters offer a reliable option. They can handle changes in flooring from carpet, hardwood, and tile. Shepherd casters are compact enough to fit around most obstacles, so no nurse has to fear it will fall apart.

Tente Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters

Tente heavy duty dual wheel casters

The most durable, heavy-duty casters Altus offers. Each Tente heavy-duty dual-wheel caster set comes with two locking and two non-locking wheels. They are constructed from high-grade synthetic materials for a high level of durability to handle any environment the healthcare industry may encounter.

If you are looking for a floor-to-floor solution that responds well to the thresholds of elevators, then the 100mm Tente dual-wheel caster is a great choice. The casters are constructed from high-grade synthetic materials. They also come with directional locks so steering down a halfway or around a tight corner is easy and second nature to the computer cart.

Since these heavy-duty casters are designed for healthcare applications and are built to handle a variety of floor obstacles, they come with an easy-to-use white locking lever. The lever keeps the workstation steady when a clinician has to step away to help a patient, and will not start moving again until the clinician activates it.

Tente casters pair perfectly with any type of computer cart. The dual wheels are able to handle a variety of cart weights and are resistant to wear.

Runner Casters

Runner standard

Altus’ standard runner caster offers 50mm casters with two locking and two non-locking wheels. They are best suited to lighter usage, most seen in the office and educational settings. Runner casters work best on carpeted areas and should only be used on non-powered carts.

If you’re looking for a caster that is dependable and offers smooth movement, the Runner caster is the perfect option.


Investing in the right caster keeps your hospital computer carts in working order for longer. Without worrying about the wheel durability and nurses straining to push a cart should be ergonomically designed, the right casters really can save time and money for hospitals and medical centers.

For additional information on the best type of caster for your mobile computer cart, contact Altus today.