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9 Ergonomic Workstation Features People Might Not Know

By Team Altus
Published Jul 02, 2019 | Updated Feb 16, 2022 | 3 min read

An ergonomic adjustable computer workstation is essential to any healthcare facility. The science of ergonomics is about designing equipment and tools to fit the user in order to create a safe and healthy work environment. Altus medical equipment is designed with features to prevent repetitive strain injuries and for maximum comfort and productivity. Our goal is to help clinicians improve posture, offer correct support, and increase productivity. Read the following ergonomic features when choosing a mobile computer workstation for healthcare.

Features of an Ergonomic Computer Workstation

  1. A sturdy work surface with no wobble
  2. Ambidextrous mouse station
  3. A large enough workspace to place a monitor, keyboard, and mouse in Infront of the user. Or utilize a smooth, adjustable pullout tray.
  4. The monitor should be an arm's length away
  5. Arms should be parallel to the floor while typing and using the mouse - height adjustability to match the user is a must!
  6. Work accessories should be readily available for use with minimal bending
  7. Padded wrist pads should be placed in front of the keyboard.
  8. Computer filter monitors reduce strain to the user’s eyes
  9. A typing stand can reduce strain on the user's neck while transcribing documents.

Advantages of Standing Workstations

Standing workstations reduce strain on the user's lower back from sitting for a long time. Height adjustable desks combat a sedentary lifestyle and increase muscle activity. Studies have shown that changing your posture and your position throughout the day can help reduce fatigue and improve productivity. Sit-to-stand workstations are an important part of creating a safe, healthy work environment.

Altus Medical Equipment

Altus adjustable workstation solutions help align you within your own personal ergonomic zone and help you with varying your position throughout your day. Our computer carts have adjustments components for your monitor height and tilt. Our keyboard position and our height adjustment lift allow each caregiver to be seated or standing with one single motion. All of these adjustments help the user find their personal comfort zone faster, giving them more time to focus on their patients.

A Complete Guide: Key Ergonomic Features in Technology Workstations

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