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About Altus

Our company founders, Craig Vanderheide and Eric Kahkonen, started Altus in 2001 to meet the growing needs of mobile sit-to-stand workstations for the office environment. They quickly realized that more and more of their requests were coming from the healthcare industry with the introduction of electronic medical records (EMR), and so they expanded their focus to the healthcare environment. Eric and Craig quickly expanded their team to meet the growing need of creating customized workflow solutions for healthcare.

Our Core Values

We started with humble roots and to keep us grounded we feel it’s important for you to know exactly what we’re all about.

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We are Passionate

about what we do every day. We strive to be the best, not just at our individual roles, but as a team and as a business

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We Take Pride

in our work and understand that our reputation is tied to everything we do and every interaction we have. We are committed to having the best reputation in the industry.

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We are Positive

Life throws us curve balls but we’re always ready to catch what’s thrown at us (or our teammates) and have fun while we do it!

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We have Integrity

We know that trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose so we will be honest and candid with our coworkers, vendors, and customers

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We Lead

“Leadership is not about a title or designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.” - Robin S. Sharma

Our Executive Team
Craig Vanderheide Sq

Craig VanderHeide

Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder and chief tinkerer, Craig loves to create beautifully designed products that improve our customers’ lives. As a serial entrepreneur, Craig has spent over 25 years perfecting workstations solutions in both the furniture and healthcare spaces. At Altus, he is especially proud of the caliber of the team he leads!

Eric Kahkonen Headshot Sq

Eric Kahkonen

Chief Revenue Officer

Eric’s passion is creating strong revenue generation and earnings while exceeding customer expectations. His background includes 25 years of successful entrepreneurial ownership, primarily in Healthcare & Office Furniture. He enjoys driving his team to win together by providing the finest customized healthcare workflow solutions in the industry.

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Tim Vander Lee

Director of Operations

Tim has pursued a passion for operational excellence throughout his career in aerospace, automotive and healthcare industries. He enjoys solving complex technical issues and adding value to key processes. He actively leads the engineering, supply chain and manufacturing teams at Altus.

Dianeschmitt Sq

Diane DeBoer-Schmitt

Director of Finance

Diane strives for taking care of customers and supporting the whole organization. With over 20 years in the management accounting field, she has had numerous opportunities to improve information systems and data integrity to benefit the operations and management departments. Something that she is most proud of is mentoring and developing coworkers within her department.

Sarahleitz 2 Square

Sarah Leitz

Director of Product Marketing

Sarah is a firm believer that marketing isn’t just about making things pretty, it’s about understanding the customer experience and striving to build a brand and company that is admired. Her background is in both healthcare and technology marketing and driving organizational change. She enjoys teaching and mentoring, but what she loves about Altus is the openness to new ideas and the ability for everyone to make an impact!

Dan Fitzpatrick Headshot 2016 1 Sq

Dan Fitzpatrick

Director of Corporate Development

Dan takes to heart the often quoted phrase, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." Dan loves his job! Being able to provide leading technology to make some level of positive impact on the patient care experience drives him every day to keep raising the bar in leading his teams in delivering quality outcomes for his customers.


At Altus you get the unique opportunity to learn, grow, and influence the organization right from the start! We’re a growing company and are looking for team members who are willing to grow with us. We believe that passion and willingness to learn are some of the most important qualities and employee can have.

Current Available Positions

None, right now, but check back soon - we’re always looking for great people!

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