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About Altus

At Altus, our mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare. This has been our guide since Craig VanderHeide and Eric Kahkonen founded Altus in 2001. With more than 20 years of combining ergonomics and mobility, we are continuously innovating new ideas to design workstations built specifically to improve healthcare workflows and improve clinician comfort.

After working to bring comfort back to healthcare workflows, Altus was acquired by AUXO Investment Partners, a private investment firm, to continue to improve workflows and the delivery of healthcare. Spectrum Health Ventures also joined as a strategic partner to continue driving Altus' mission. With the acquisition, Altus plans to continue to grow our business and continue to improve our computer workstations so healthcare workers can focus on their patients.

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Altus Core Values

Collaborative Innovation
Collaborative Innovation
Product Excellence
Product Excellence
Customer Commitment
Customer Commitment

Healthcare Workflow Focused

When Altus creates workstations, we ensure each one is designed to improve workflows. We start by learning our customer's pain points and then matching them to the workstation that fits their workflow needs best. As a testament to Altus' dedication to improving healthcare workflows, we implemented our Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). We listen to healthcare, and are always looking for ways to better design our workstations; EOS is the pinnacle for Altus' value of always improving.

Each medical grade cart is engineered to offer the most ergonomic design possible. With options in mobile computer carts, telehealth carts, and wall-mounted workstations, there is a solution to improve any workflow we meet. Altus works with our customers to tailor each workstation to their workflows, to ensure all needs are met every time.

Reliable and ergonomic solutions

Altus' healthcare-focused product families each serve to meet the needs experienced by clinicians and IT professionals. Our brands, including ClioAir, Cameo, Reach, H-Class, and ClioMed, are engineered to be durable and bring optimized workflows to any hospital.

Our workstations on wheels and bedside-wall mounts are designed to support the clinician and alleviate common pain points experienced and keep them comfortable while working.

Keep up with what Altus is designing and announcing by visiting our press room.

A nurse uses a powered laptop cart to input EHR data while talking to her patient.

Meet the Team

Jeremy S Leadership Photo

Jeremy Spinney
Chief Executive Officer

Curt K Leadership Photo

Curt Koehn
Chief Commercial Officer

Diane DS Headshot

Diane Deboer-Schmitt
Director of Finance

Sal Headshot

Salvatore Vilardi
Director of Research & Development

Teve O Headshot

Steve O'Berski
Director of Operations

Bridget C Headshot

Bridget Conley
Director of Marketing


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A Clio battery powered medical computer workstation on wheels.