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Innovation at the Heart of Care

While championing advancements in virtual care, connected fleet management, and EMR technology enablement, Altus is dedicated to improving clinical operations and elevating patient care.

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Informed Fleet Management

Introducing ClioConnect™ · Advanced Analytics for Workstation Inventory Optimization

ClioAir Connect, ClioConnect

New from Altus, ClioConnect™

Designed for effortless integration. IoT Enabled Solution for Informed Fleet Management. Seamless Integration with Healthcare IT Systems

Virtual Care Enablement

Introducing VIDICI™ · Seamlessly integrating the best in technology hardware and virtual care software.

VIDICI, Altus, Solutions

New from Altus, VIDICI™

VIDICI™ (vih-DEE-chee) is an Altus technology innovation exclusively powered by the NESA Virtual Care Platform™. Featuring two-way audio and video, audible alerts, and uninterrupted enterprise network connectivity in two deployment-ready hardware solutions.

Product Spotlight

Your Sector, Our Specialty

Feedback from both clinical and IT teams is at the center of our product portfolio evolution. From concept to design to validation, user experience leads the way.


Powered computer workstations and laptop carts support clinician workflows to improve the quality of time spent with patients.

IT Specialists

Solutions designed for optimized usability, growing health-tech needs, and superior support for a welcomed workstation ownership process. 


Reimagine workspaces with flexibility and comfort. Adjustable height workstations-on-wheels foster ergonomic, collaborative spaces. 

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