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Bedside Wall-Mounts

Reach is an affordable wall-mounted EMR workstation, perfect for bedside point-of-care. These bedside wall-mounts from Altus offer flexibility - moving up or down, and closer or farther from the wall.

The bedside wall-mounted Reach workstation.

Meet our wall-mounted, sit-to-stand workstation: Reach. This option gives the perfect triangle between patient, caregiver, and technology. Altus designed this solution to feature a compact, rock-solid design, to enhance productivity and workflows without losing floor space.

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Why choose a wall-mounted computer workstation?

Reach lifestyle with patient card group

Triangle of Care

Communication between patient, clinician, and technology is crucial. Reach improves the patient's perception and aids in creating a stress-free environment.

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Bridget Reach Card Group Size

Sturdy and Compact

With the ability to fold within 10" from the wall, the Reach offers both mobility and a small footprint so no clinician has to worry about space in the hospital rooms.

Benefits of Reach
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Healthcare Focused

Reach's flexible positioning in any environment is ideal for use in high-volume facilities. With 14" of sit-to-stand height adjustment, any clinician can use it effortlessly.

Helping Clinicians

Tailored Point-of-Care

We have yet to encounter a workflow problem that we can't find a solution to fix! Whether it's adding a hidden CPU holder, adding extra ergonomic capabilities, or even something we haven't tried yet, we are happy to find a solution.

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A picture of a bedside wall-mount workstation, also known as Altus' Reach.
"As an equipment-focused distributer, CME Corp looks for manufacturer partners that exhibit the same values and quality service that we extend to our customers. Altus not only produces a quality product line up, but their sales support and customer service are exceptional."
A doctor uses a wall-mounted workstation to input data into an EMR.

What makes Altus workstations unique?

Each Altus product is engineered specifically for healthcare, and our mobile hospital carts are built to match clinician workloads. Our powered and non-powered cart lines are compact while also offering ample workspace and optional accessories. Our wall-mounted workstations offer both a convenient workspace and a chance to offer the best bedside care without fear of tripping over equipment.

When designing our products for healthcare facilities, both our WOWs and wall-mounts are put through rigorous testing. Thousands of hours of testing, simulating environments they might experience, and utilizing varying weights to record what our solutions can withstand are just a few aspects of our process. Each test is done to ensure every workstation is as durable as needed for clinician workflows.

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