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A tablet cart for telehealth and telemedicine.
The newest in Altus' telehealth technology with a virtual visitor cart.
*Cart does not come with tablet or monitor

P3: Cameo Telemedicine Cart

A Cameo Product

The Cameo line uses its telemedicine capabilities to connect patients with their families or their caregivers in an instant. The P3 offers a lightweight, mobile telehealth cart to bring virtual visits to any hospital. Each non-powered cameo cart offers enough mobility that it can be put next to a patient's bed, or in any room where virtual visits take place. With no extra power cords or plugs to worry about, the P3 is ready to go where needed. Add a tablet clamp (LT2) to transform the Cameo into a tablet cart perfect for translation services.

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The Cameo Product Line

Telehealth technology and usage have been growing in the healthcare field steadily in recent years. Cameo is making teleconsultations accessible, and easy for any healthcare facility to implement.

Highly Mobile

Coming in at just 24lbs this cart is very mobile. Comes standard with our rollerblade casters (two locking and two non-locking) but can is also available with all four locking options, or remove the casters and replace them with caster glide heights for stationary usage.

Compact Footprint

Space is incredibly valuable in healthcare environments. Multiple clinicians' required in a room, a large amount of family surrounding a patient or numerous types of equipment can all lead to tight quarters. Our compact footprint is so important for both functionality and satisfaction.

Clinician focused

Promoting healthy work habits and delivering care efficiently and effectively is essential within each hospital setting. Happy clinicians make happy patients!


Help your patients stay connected with their family, friends, and clinicians.

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Download Specifications

Cameo P4 Telehealth Cart Spec Sheet
Cameo Virtual Visitor and Tablet Cart Brochure

Model Number: P3

Weight: 24 lbs.


4" Highly Mobile Rollerblade Casters (2 locking, 2 non-locking)

18"W x 20"D Footprint

Shelf and Integrated Handle

Total shelf dimensions: 13.5"W x 9.4"H x .5"D

LCD Monitor Support

Maximum 20 lbs. Weight Limit
VESA Standard 75mm/100mm with Quick Mount Plate
Tilt Range: -20/+10 degrees
+/- 161 Degree Swivel
5.5" of height adjustment
Integrated Cable Management
Vertical placement from the ground to the center of the monitor ranges from 52" - 57.5"

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