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Mobile Telehealth Hospital Carts

Lightweight and highly mobile Cameo telehealth and telemedicine carts fit into any hospital space. Each Altus virtual visitor and tablet cart seamlessly blends technology with healthcare for an elevated patient experience.

Virtual visits made easy.

The Cameo tablet carts focus on bringing telehealth to hospitals. This essential equipment is designed to make virtual visits feel in-person and connect patients with their families when they're receiving treatment or with their doctors. The Cameo line brings both mobility and adaptability to the healthcare field.

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A mobile tablet telemedicine cart sits next to a hospital bed ready to host a virtual meeting.

What are the benefits of Cameo telehealth carts?

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Access to Specialists

Hospitals can have access to a range of specialists to consult with to create a personalized treatment plan for patients.

Access to Specialists
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Save Time

Meeting with patients virtually cuts down wait times, commute times, and moving from one patient to another by having all visits in one location.

Saves Time
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Patients are able to get the help they need from clinicians quickly, and can even visit with their family while in the hospital with the touch of a screen.

Increased Efficiency
"As an equipment-focused distributer, CME Corp looks for manufacturer partners that exhibit the same values and quality service that we extend to our customers. Altus not only produces a quality product line up, but their sales support and customer service are exceptional."

Picking the right telehealth device

With countless tablet cart options available, knowing what features nurses want naturally becomes the deciding factor.

To understand the full scope of what nurses look for in their telehealth tools, we compiled a list of the most requested features to telemedicine carts, so hospital systems can experience better telehealth results. Click to read more!

What do I need in telemedicine tools?
A virtual telehealth visit is conducted by a clinician in a private room.
Using an LCD telehealth cart on wheels, a physician is able to provide virtual meetings with their patients.

What makes Altus products unique?

Each Altus workstation is designed specifically for healthcare. All Altus workstations are both mobile and wall-mounted, along with engineered to be as durable as needed by clinician workflows.

When it comes to matching the workstation to the hospital, we strive to offer any solution needed. Whether it's adding a basket from our line of accessories, upgrading your casters, or changing an aspect of our cart to fit, we will work with your healthcare system to find the right solution.

Contact us with your ideas on how you would like the tailor your mobile workstations to fit your needs.

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