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Sell Sheet

Vaccine Cart Sell Sheet

Vaccination Cart Sell Sheet 1

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One problem, two solutions. Manage COVID-19 vaccinations with a customizable workstation that is easy to use in clinics and other non-traditional venues. Choose from a powered (C3) or non-powered (MPC-46P) cart to fit your needs. Both carts offer an ergonomic work environment with the capability to add convenient access to accessories such as a sharps container, storage drawer, or barcode scanner.

  1. Lightweight – Lightweight and durable construction allows you to move with ease.
  2. Ergonomic – Large workspace with intuitive controls and multiple adjustments to fit your workflow.
  3. Highly Mobile –Small 18.5” wide footprint for ease of movement through narrow spaces and steady wheels.
  4. Sharps Container – Accessible sharps container to manage the mass vaccination workflow.
  5. Storage Drawer – Securely store syringes and other needed supplies.
  6. Utility Basket – Multifunctional basket to stow additional supplies.
  7. Power – Choose between a powered or non-powered cart to meet your needs.

Suggested Accessories

DSW- Single Drawer – A worksurface mounted single drawer featuring a built-in lock and white finish. This multifunctional accessory containes two bins with 2 adjustable bin dividers to stow syringes, wipes, and other essential supplies.

HB-PL - Utility Basket – This basket is ideal for smaller equipment and supplies such as a small printer. Keep all of the necessary tools nearby and stay organized!

SC- Sharps Container – Safely dispose of syringes with a conveniently placed sharps disposal container accessory designed for mobile carts. The vertical drop maximizes useable container space.

Additional Accessories

BCH-14- Adjustable Bar Code Holder – This holder secures a bar code scanner behind the monitor on the monitor mount. The durable platinum finish adds a sleek design to your workstation.

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