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Powered Carts

Custom designed, powered hospital computer carts on wheels (COW) and workstations on wheels (WOW), with enough power for an entire shift.

Introducing The Clio.

The Clio is Altus’ powered cart perfect for any workstation. Healthcare, education, or office life the Clio is the perfect addition so your team can sit, stand, and move their technology with ease. Altus designs and manufactures the strongest powered workstations like the Clio to make your workday easier. Watch the video to find out more.

Clios Hallway
Utilization Management and Analysis

Control your entire workstation fleet with our MPM View software loaded with Clinician View to quickly see the remaining power supply down to the minute. If you ever run into technical issues, the Tech View gives you detailed information on the power supply and battery health of the cart. Use the Fleet View option for diagnostics and predictive analytics available at one central location, so you don't have to track down each individual cart!

Altus 197
Patient Centered

Clio comes with many different monitor mounts and configurations, making it easy and simple to interact face-to-face with patients. Our LCD monitor mounts swivel 180 degrees allowing you to work with patients or move the monitor for easy cart maneuverability. We even have a laptop and sightline cart to allow for effortless communication with little need for adjustments.

Altus 137 universal base
Clinician Focused

Our Clio workstation on wheels considers the ergonomic and human factors to adjust to each unique clinician. Tilting monitor mounts, large work surfaces, soft wrist rests, one-piece tilting keyboard design and keyboard light for dim charting environments help make a long shift more comfortable for caregivers. Our carts help you easily move from sitting to standing with Altus' Proprietary Ascend lift technology.

Highly mobile caster
Highly Mobile

Our Clio cart is one of the lightest powered carts and workstations in the industry and with an 18.5” wide footprint, Clio can squeeze into tight places while still allowing ample room for foot placement.

Detail Litkeyboard

Over the last three years, less than 0.5% of our carts have required service fixes! We build workstations for healthcare, education and offices with solid construction. Built with steel and lightweight cast aluminum, and non-porous surfaces. We stand behind our products with an industry-leading warranty.

Custom solutin
Custom Solutions

If you like one of our standard products, but want it more suited to your needs, no problem! We have a full line of accessories, colors, lift strengths and even uniquely engineered solutions to create just the right fit for your needs.

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