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A phlebotomy cart suited for any healthcare facility, and has enough space to holdany equipment a phlebotomist may need.

MED92: Phlebotomy Cart

A Non-Powered Laptop Carts Product

The phlebotomy cart by Altus is made to make blood draws easy. MED92 has an innovative design combined with ergonomics to offer a highly mobile medical cart, with 18 inches of height adjustment, tente heavy-duty casters, and an aluminum cart handle. This cart has been specifically designed to support phlebotomist equipment needs, so they can focus on their patient rather than where to put their items.

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Highly Mobile

The lightweight phlebotomy cart allows clinicians to take vitals at the point of care. Phlebotomists are able to move across hospital floors and elevators. Clinicians can even push the cart to be right at a patient's bedside.

Compact Footprint

Designed with a small footprint to fight into tight spaces, making this blood draw cart perfect for phlebotomists trying to keep their patients as comfortable as possible.

Phlebotomist focused

Smooth ergonomic features increase productivity and comfort while performing blood draws. MED92 also has a larger worksurface so phlebotomists can bring all their blood draw supplies to the patient's bedside.


Easily raise and lower workstations to create eye contact with our proprietary Ascend lift technology, so the phlebotomists are able to effectively communicate with their patients.

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Download Specifications

Non-Powered Cart Brochure
MED92 Phlebotomy Cart Spec Sheet
  • Model Number: MED92-YYYY
  • Worksurface Dimensions: 20"D x 20"W
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Base
    • Ascend Height Adjustable Base
    • HC-7 Tente Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters
    • 18"W x 20"D Footprint
  • Worksurface
    • 3D Thermofoil with reversed teardrop edge
    • 1” Square surface
    • 3/32” lip around worksurface perimeter
    • Height Adjustment Hand Lever
      • 18" Height Adjustment (28.5" - 46.5")
  • Included accessories
    • Counterweight 13.25”W x 14” D x .25”H
    • Cart Handle 18.44”W x .58”D x 1”H
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