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Non-Powered Computer Carts

The most durable computer carts on wheels (COW) and workstations on wheels (WOW) for healthcare. Altus mobile workstations for nurses and clinicians move from room to room with ease, carry everything needed for an entire shift with an ergonomic design.

Introducing the H-class fleet.

Altus engineers carts designed to both allow mobility in your workday and help streamline operations. For non-powered carts, our H-class fleet is pioneering a new standard workstation design to perfectly match your team’s needs. Click the video to watch more.

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"The laptop cart is so helpful! Our team loves these carts as they improve our ability to function much more effectively throughout our assessment day, in turn increasing our productivity."

What to expect from Altus computer carts?

Altus Non-powered girl walking

Comfort All Day

Promote healthy habits with 18” of effortless sit-to-stand height adjustment. The lightweight design and ergonomic monitor support bring comfort all day.

Ergomonic Workstations
NP Carts with nurses and patient card group

Made For Healthcare

Our non-powered carts are designed for mobility. Lightweight and easy to roll through hospital doors and hallways, these workstations become a clinician's best friend.

Helping Clinicians
It person card group

GPS Tracking

Searching and wondering where the hospital carts and other mobile equipment went are a thing of the past. Assets can be easily tracked with an optional RTLS platform.

Track Your Assets

What makes Altus products unique?

Each Altus medical computer cart is engineered specifically for healthcare. Our powered and non-powered lines are designed to be compact while offering ample workspace and accessories to meet any clinician's needs.

With the help from our experienced team, we enjoy working with healthcare leadership on what would fit best for a specific operation's workflow. Whether it's adding a basket from our line of accessories, upgrading your casters, or switching horizontal monitors to be vertical, we are happy to find a solution.

Contact us to start a quote with your ideal workstation features, or to schedule a demo and see our products in action.

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Two nurses prepare a hospital room for a new patient and inputting data on their medical computer carts on wheels.
In a hospital hallway a nurse uses a battery powered computer cart and a doctor helps a patient with a non-powered wow cart.

What medical computer cart do I need?

With both battery powered and non-powered mobile workstations on wheels available, the question becomes when to power. The answer comes down to your clinician's needs.

To better understand your hospital cart and workflow needs, we've uncovered the best questions to ask when deciding on a powered or non-powered WOW cart. Click to read more!

What computer cart do I need?
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Altus' non-powered medical computer cart on wheels, also known as the MPC-44P to offer mobility, durability, and flexibility to any work shift.