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A mobile hospital computer cart designed specifically for secure medication delivery and mobility.
The medication delivery module with all of its secure drawers open for visualization.
The medical PC cart with the medication distribution safety features.
*Cart does not come with monitor

M3 Medication Delivery LCD Cart

A ClioMed Product

The M3 ClioMed LCD medication delivery cart was created for healthcare. Quickly and quietly adjust the cart's height from 31.5” to 47.5” using an electric lift. Built with the most robust materials, the M3 by Altus monitor support holds up to 20 lbs and height adjusts 5.5”. Work smart and secure with individual locking drawers and remotely managed user access and auditing tracking. (M3-0114-Z)

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ClioMed LCD cart is the most ergonomic medication delivery solutions on the market. Coupled with a height-adjustable monitor, unsurpassed security and intuitive design, clinicians will experience improved workflow while increasing patient satisfaction. The monitor support holds up to 13 lbs.

Reduce Errors

Clinicians spend over two and a half hours each shift just gathering supplies. Couple this with the myriad of tasks assigned to all of the medical professionals in the building, having a system that can securely store medicine for you could make all the difference. Bringing secure med delivery to the point of care eliminates wait time and errors and can ultimately lead to improved care and patient satisfaction.

Ergonomic WorkStation

A true sit-to-stand design allows clinicians to access each of the 6 bins with limited to no bending. Users will experience full visibility within the drawers and all are removable and reconfigurable. This lightweight design allows clinicians to get their job done comfortably.

Improve Workflows

Drastically reduce the time clinicians spend retrieving supplies by having clinicians begin their shift by getting all of their patients’ medication prepared and ready to go at one time to reduce the need for multiple back and forth trips.

Work Smart and Secure

Clinicians can easily view and access patient medication within their electronically labeled drawers. Categorize by patient name, room number or supply type. All medication will be individually locked and all drawer access can be monitored from an admin account at the cart or from the central management software (CMS).

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Download Specifications

ClioMed - M3 LCD Cart Medication Delivery Cart
ClioMed Brochure
  • Model number:
    • M3-0114-Z (LCD)
  • Worksurface dimensions: 21"D x 21"W
  • Base dimensions: 18.5"W x 21.5"D
  • Weight: 140+ lbs.
  • Caster options (base)
    • Z = 1: the perfect choice for mobility.
      • Ascend EL height adjustable base
      • 4"/100mm Shrouded Casters (2 locking / 2 non-locking)
    • Z = 2: the perfect choice floor-to-floor and traversing elevator thresholds.
      • Ascend EL height adjustable base
      • 4" dual wheel casters (2 locking / 2 non-locking)
  • Power system
    • 45 Ah LiFePO4 battery system
    • Integrated cable management
  • Cabinet
    • 6 drawers, 3 on each side; side opening
    • 6 removable bins with dividers
    • keyed lock technology storage area (HIPAA compliant)
    • Handle with battery user interface (HW)
      • Equipped with LEDlight
      • Up/down electronic button
    • Manual override drawer access system
  • User Interface
    • Intuitive touch screen
    • Central management software
    • Electronically label drawers
    • Manage users & settings
    • Audit tracking
    • Silent/visible alarms
  • Worksurface
    • 3/4" 3D laminate
    • Integrated touchscreen
  • LCD monitor support - FSA-10
    • Maximum 13 lbs weight limit
    • Integrated cable management
    • 5.5" height adjustment
    • +/- 180-degree Swivel
    • Tilt Range: -20 degrees/+10 degrees
    • Vesa standard 75mm/100mm with quick mount plate
  • Keyboard platform and mousing - KBP
    • One-piece design
    • Left/right cable management
    • Keyboard platform dimensions: 23"W x 8.75"D
    • Mousing area 6-8"W (depending on keyboard size) x 8"D
    • 1/2" walls of keyboard platform prevent keyboard and mouse from falling
    • Intuitive 0/-20 degrees tilting
    • Keyboard platform extends 4"
    • Contoured wrist rest
  • RFID badge reader technology
    • RFID badge reader technology is integrated into worksurface
    • Compatible with numerous badge type technologies
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