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Medical Computer Carts

Altus designs, manufactuers, and distributes medical computer workstations for any workflow. With options in battery powered computer on wheels (COW), non-powered workstations on wheels (WOW), wall-mounted workstations, and telehealth carts: there's a technology workstation to fit any need.

Altus designs WOW carts for real-world applications.

Altus manufactures mobile workstations specifically for healthcare. Each workstation and worksurface is made from easy to clean materials that are able to handle even the toughest of cleaning products hospitals are required to use to sanitize their equipment properly.

Our carts are also durable enough to withstand anything a clinician needs them. Altus computer workstations are engineered to traverse entire hospitals and have been extensively tested to ensure several years of constant use.

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A battery powered hospital computer cart stands alone.