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Laptop Carts

Highly mobile, durable, and height-adjustable laptop carts for healthcare, education, or the office. Altus workstations on wheels (WOWs) easily move across any surface, while also offering mobility in the workplace.

Introducing our battery powered and non-powered laptop carts.

Altus designs and manufactures a lightweight collection of laptop carts. Each one delivers technology in a simple yet seamless way. The ergonomic laptop carts are fully adjustable and customizable. Their small footprints fit into tight spaces, making this a solution that is exactly what nurses want in a workstation.

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What variations are available for Altus laptop carts?

Nurse and Patient with Laptop Cart

Battery Powered

With a small footprint and a battery to last an entire shift, battery powered carts allow for technology to be as mobile as the clinicians using them.

Powered Carts
Altus Non-powered girl walking


A dependable way to bring technology to any room. Each cart is engineered to be sturdy enough to handle years of use while being light enough to not strain the user.

Non-Powered Carts
It person card group

Asset Tracking

Moving from room to room makes it easy for laptop workstations to get lost. Using RTLS technology, laptop carts can now be tracked.

Track Your Assets
"The laptop cart is so helpful! Our team loves these carts as they improve our ability to function much more effectively throughout our assessment day, in turn increasing our productivity. Before we got these laptop carts we were playing a tricky balancing act typing away with our computers on our laps in our dark clinical observation rooms. These carts roll so smoothly and you can easily adjust the height with one simple movement and only with one hand! They have proven to allow for greater flexibility in tight office quarters and the clinicians love to adjust them to their liking!”
A nurse walking out of an elevator with a powered computer on wheels.

What makes Altus solutions unique?

Each Altus product is made specifically for healthcare. Our powered and non-powered cart lines are made to be compact while offering ample workspace and accessories to meet any clinician's needs.

When it comes to meeting clinicians' needs, we have yet to encounter a concern we can't address. Whether it's adding a basket from our line of accessories, creating a laptop cart with drawers, upgrading your casters, or switching horizontal monitors to vertical, the Altus team will uncover the right solution for your workflow.

Contact us to start a quote with your ideal workstation features, or to schedule a demo and see our products in action.

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Asking Important Cart Questions

With both battery powered and non-powered WOWs available, the question becomes when to power. The answer is found with your clinician's needs and workflow.

At Altus, we have uncovered the best questions to ask to help you decide if a powered cart or non-powered cart is right for your hospital. If you're debating between a mobile workstation or a wall-mount, we have the answers for that, too!

What computer cart do I need?
A patient gets helped by a doctor with an wow cart while a nurse inputs data into her EMR on her laptop cart.

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A non-powered LCD hospital computer cart called H8 from Altus.