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Technology Wall-Mounts within your Reach

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The world of technology and IT is ever-evolving. In recent years, technology has cemented itself as a mainstay in healthcare. For healthcare workers having technology readily available inside of patients' rooms is a must so they can input patient data, and have all needed information at their fingertips. To help deliver the much-needed technology options, Altus began to design, create, and manufacture technology options ranging from battery powered medical carts to stationary wall-mounted options.

Workstations on wheels offer added mobility, but it’s not always needed. There are some features and added reliability from having a bedside wall-mount that you lose when opting for a mobile workstation instead. The reliability coupled with having hardwired WiFi and a triangle of care led to EMR technology groups recommending wall-mounted technology. To help you decide if a bedside-wall mount is the best option for your hospital, we found the top benefits to choosing wall-mounted workstations, listed below.

Cable Management

With computers and added technology comes the cables and wires to power them. Having loose wires dangling from a workstation can easily be tripped on, ripped out of the computers, and generally give an unprofessional look. Bedside wall-mounts offer a way to conceal all cables and wires so these risks are gone and a more professional look is offered.

Enclosed CPU holders take it a step further and conceal both cables and the CPU for a secure yet sleek look. All ports, drives, and cables can still be accessed easily, so there is no sacrificing design for utility.

Tailored for LCD Monitors

Since wall-mounted workstations are built to offer stationary technology, they are built specifically for LCD Monitors. The monitors offer a larger screen for nurses and clinicians to work on so they can see the information when even assisting a patient near them.

Our bedside wall-mount, Reach, was created to be further tailored for LCD monitors. It provides 75mm/100mm VESA-mounting. The monitor can tilt from +60° to -40° and has a front/back swivel of 180° so the clinician can have the LCD monitor in an optimal position for viewing from any position.

The monitor has a front back swivel of 180 degree


Every Altus wall-mount is made with medical-grade materials. The materials guarantee easy cleanability of each product and worksurface to meet sanitization requirements, and durability to match any clinician. Each arm is built to hold anything from 4 lbs - 24 lbs, so anything needed can be held without fear of breaking.

In addition, each bedside wall-mount is put through hundreds of hours of testing to ensure the medical-grade materials are up to strength and standard.


Reach was created to offer a solution to the small spaces in hospital rooms. The limited space and need for a workspace for clinicians brought along the folding ability in our wall-mounts. When not in use they can fold and retract within 10” from the wall it is attached to.

No need to squeeze around the work surface, or worry about if items will fall off. When folded against the wall, Reach’s keyboard area has an enclosure to keep the mouse in place. Everything stays right where a clinician left it. There is also a pivot limiter attached to the wall-mount as well, keeping it from bumping and scraping the wall. All work surfaces and walls are completely protected and ready to extend from the wall when needed again.

Easy Deployment

Altus bedside wall-mounts ship and arrive at your hospital ready to go. With no assembly required, the only thing you need to do is mount it to the wall and you’re ready to offer the perfect triangle of care to any patient who walks into the room. Whether it’s 1 or 100 wall-mounts, the deployment is painless.

Patient Satisfaction

When creating a better patient experience, having a clear line of communication is necessary. With Reach, a clinician can lower the monitor to the correct height and swivel the monitor to the patient’s bedside. Communication can flow easily without being blocked by a monitor, and the clinician can still input data without having to walk away from the patient, creating a tailored experience that increases patient satisfaction.

The wall-mounted unit is dedicated to the room it’s in further increasing the patient’s satisfaction since nurses and doctors know exactly where the technology is. No pausing care or searching for a computer before entering the room. It is exactly where it should be and ready for an easy swivel to better assist in patient care and satisfaction.

Ergonomically Designed

Constant bending and reaching can cause discomfort for healthcare workers. To keep the strain off and continue to offer the highest level of care possible, a workstation that was created with ergonomics in mind and matches each clinician who uses it is a must. Reach offers 14” of sit-to-stand height adjustment to lower the need to bend and reach.

The sit-to-stand option creates a more comfortable workspace, and added with a soft wrist rest and an ambidextrous keyboard, the Reach creates a wall-mount that clinicians enjoy using. Each piece was added to offer an added layer of comfort so the clinician can bring the focus back to the patient.

Reach offers 14 of sit to stand height adjustment


Wall-mounts offer a dependable, easy-to-find technology workstation solution in hospitals. Without the need to search for a cart and added comfort options, it becomes the perfect choice for any clinician who offers a tailored point-of-care experience for patients. Contact us to find out more about how Reach can fit into your hospital’s walls.