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Altus in Healthcare

Altus has been manufacturing workstations on wheels (WOWs) and computers on wheels (COWs) for the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. We engineer computer workstations built specifically for healthcare to help clinicians offer the best level of care.

We fit into all areas of healthcare

Altus has spent years listening to what clinicians need in a workstation in order to stay comfortable. We took those and designed our workstations around them to enhance efficiency and workflows, and improve the delivery of healthcare.

Each workstation focuses on long-term durability, so our medication carts, mobile workstations, wall-mounted computing arms, and telehealth equipment fit into any healthcare facility.

Two nurses smiling next to a tablet cart and a powered wow cart.

Altus in acute care

Enhance the EHR documentation processes and the overall workflow of your medical facility with Altus. Any of our workstations and telehealth equipment is designed to improve workflows in acute care.

We have solutions for PACU nurses who need a compact healthcare cart to keep track of patient progress or Med-Surg nurses who need a powered cart with long battery life. There's also a computer cart on wheels for ER and OR nurses who need extra mobility while charting.

Two healthcare workers walk through their hospital with a rounding cart and a battery powered cart.
A nurse walking out of an elevator with a powered computer on wheels.

Altus workstations for long-term care

Long-term care facilities need equipment that helps clinicians provide care to their patients. Altus engineered our medication delivery carts, non-powered carts, and bedside wall-mounts to handle the demanding needs of the field.

Each workstation makes clinicians more comfortable so they can offer a higher level of care to those who need it most. Instead of the clinician focusing on their tasks, the computer workstation improves workflows so the patient feels supported despite the length of their stay.

"Our organization has purchased and deployed more than 400 Altus carts over the span of 7 years. As a testament to their durability, all of these carts remain in production today! Product and service are fantastic and continue to exceed expectations."

Designed for all medical offices

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Using Altus telehealth and telemedicine products, conducting a virtual visit with patients, specialists, and families is a simple button click away

Telehealth products
Clio Hallway Card Group

Medication administration

All medications can be securely brought to a patient's bedside to mitigate medical administration errors, and improve patient confidence using our medication delivery trolley carts.

Medication delivery solutions
Nurse and Patient

EMR charting

With the implementation of the HITECH Act, EMR charting has become an integral part of healthcare. Altus computer workstations provide a simple, easy way to input data while staying comfortable.

EMR Charting Carts
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Location tracking for any sector of healthcare

Altus partnered with the RTLS healthcare vendor Intelligent Locations in North Carolina to offer asset tracking to all of healthcare.

RTLS asset tracking can track anything in a hospital from any equipment to patients. Implementing RTLS systems work in long-term and acute care, and offers room-level accuracy so there is no guesswork involved.

All the benefits of asset tracking

Workstations right at the point of care

Altus engineered our workstations to be compact and lightweight so they can easily be wheeled into any room needed. Computers on wheels and wall-mounted workstations can be wheeled right to the patient's bedside without interfering with the communication between clinician and patient.

Technology workstations offer everything clinicians want in their equipment and allow them to offer the best point of care experience possible. Click to read more about the benefits clinicians experience when using point-of-care workstations.

Benefits of COWs and WOWs
A physician talks to a patient using a telemedicine device for a telehealth appointment.
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A Clio battery powered medical computer workstation on wheels.