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Altus in Education

Altus designs and manufactures laptop carts and computers on wheels (COWs) that bring mobility to the education space. The height adjustment options mixed with the mobile nature of our carts leads to increased productivity, and a more engaged learning experience.

Inspiring collaboration

Workstations on wheels develop new ways for students, teachers, and professors to facilitate communication and collaboration. Their mobile nature makes it easy to roll the cart from one point to another for open communication that flows naturally.

More collaboration when learning leads to a higher level of thinking and allows students to feel immersed in the learning process.

A kidney cart sits in an office ready to be used by any employee.

Learning and Flexibility

Grow social skills

The interactive nature of sit-to-stand tables in schools improves the social skills of the students. They're able to roll the table over to another student, to develop necessary social skills, including emotional intelligence.

Socratic seminars

Allowing students to approach information through a group discussion encourages them to look at the information on a deeper level. Students can work together to come to a conclusion while taking an active role in the lesson.

Proper posture

Altus workstations encourage students to sit and stand with proper posture. Setting student up early to have the correct ergonomic stance for their body keep feelings of fatigue and back pain away for years to come.

An office workers uses a kidney cart to stand while working.

Benefits of interactive classrooms

Sitting for an entire day can take its toll on a student's body. They quickly can feel fatigued and no longer have the desire to pay attention to the lesson.

Standing desks change everything for students. They allow them to change their height when needed and encourage students to participate in an active sitting. Active sitting is when students are engaging their muscles while sitting. This engages their brain more, leading students to be more excited to learn and stimulate new ideas.

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