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Technology Wall-Mounts within your REACH!

By Team Altus | Published Feb 08, 2016 | 3 min read

With the ever-evolving IT world, trends have shown that leading EMR technology groups have recommended wall-mounted technology for the benefit of hardwiring WIFI and power near the patient for an uninterrupted workflow. To aid in the deployment of these workstation solutions, Altus made the decision to invest in designing affordable yet durable wall-mounts to help hospitals and clinics implement these forms of technology.


Cable Management

Conceals cables for a professional look. The covers can be removed for easy access service.

Tailored for LCD Monitors

Reach provides 75mm/100mm VESA-mounting with 13” of height adjustment. Tilt from+60 degrees to -40 degrees and swivel for optimal positioning and viewing.


The arm holds up to up to 4-24 lbs. All Altus products are made of medical-grade materials for cleanability and durability.


When not in use, Reach wall-mounts compactly folds and retracts out 10” from the wall. The keyboard has an enclosure to keep the mouse in place when folded up. The pivot limiter keeps the wall-mount from bumping into the wall.

Ease of Deployment

Reach workstations arrive with no assembly required – just simply mount on the wall!

Patient Satisfaction

Lower and swivel the monitor to the patient’s bedside for better communication. A wall-mount can be dedicated to that patients’ room, therefore, increasing patient satisfaction and security.

Ergonomically Designed

Soft wrist rests, easy maneuvering and ambidextrous keyboard are just some of the ergonomic features on this medical height-adjustable workstation wall-mount.

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