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Choosing the Best Caster for Your Workstation

By Team Altus | Published Jun 23, 2019

Casters for medical workstations come in many forms. No feature on a mobile workstation should be disregarded. It's imperative to consider which caster would work best in your facility’s environment. Here’s why:

You could have the lightest cart on the market, but casters have a big impact on rolling resistance. Without proper research, you can demolish the effectiveness of what was supposed to be an ergonomic workstation.

Equip your team with the caster that best fits your healthcare facility environment. Here's the Altus' Caster Breakdown to get you started.

Highly mobile solution. Our 100mm Rollerblade-style casters offer both the aesthetics and maneuverability that is synonymous with Altus. Expect easy mobility on any surface. Move in style.

Strong medical stem caster. This sleek design constructed of a glass-filled nylon body, durable wheel, and easy to operate tread break. The casters’ precision ball bearings keep the wheel quiet, perfect for a sensitive healthcare environment. Caster maneuvers effortlessly on both carpet and hard floors.

"Covered" option. Its' strong protective body can be easily cleaned and they block unwanted debris. Integrated thread guards protect wheels from entangling debris. With its resistance to wear and tear and its stylish, sleek design the shepherd genesis caster will be sure to compliment your durable mobile workstation.

Robust, durable and attractive medical swivel caster. If you are looking for a floor-to-floor solution that responds well to threshold’s of elevators, then the 100mm Tente dual-wheel caster is a great choice. The caster is constructed from high-grade synthetic materials. The grey non-marking precision ball bearings keep the wheel quiet, perfect for a sensitive healthcare environment. The directional lock improves steering around corners, as well as moving in straight in hallways.

Lock security. Bolted to the base of the workstation. The easy to use white locking lever will keep your cart steady at bay while your clinicians step away. Only starts moving when activated by the user.

Runner standard. The 50 mm Runner standard caster feature two locking and two non-locking wheels keeping your cart in place. This lighter duty is best for office or education settings.

As always, our team of workstation experts would happy to help you.

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