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When You Needed Us, We Were There.

Find Out How Altus Helped Clinicians Fight Back Against the Pandemic

Altus builds durable, ergonomic and stylish technology workstation solutions to improve how clinicians, educators and staff work. As COVID-19 becomes widespread across the globe, Altus has remained focused on supporting the needs of the healthcare community. Our main core value is “Customer First” and to us, that means always being there for our customers when they need us. We strive to earn our customer’s trust by providing reliable products and services. Below are five examples of how we did that.

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Find Out How Altus Helped Clinicians Fight Back.

Timely Powered Carts in NYC

When called on, Altus rushed to support a large hospital at the frontlines of the crisis in NYC, the national epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.100 powered workstations were built and delivered in 5 business days to support clinicians and to help keep up with patient demand.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves in Michigan

We are there for our customers every step of the way. Because of our local support team across the nation, Altus was able to fully integrate 125 powered workstations in 1.5 weeks in one Michigan-based hospital system. Onsite, we helped integrate and stage workstations and also arranged for secondary delivery to each site.

Custom Carts in California

In response to the pandemic, one hospital in California needed a specific cart to support their new workflow. Within two weeks, Altus was able to build and deliver 85 custom carts. This was accomplished through our US-based supply chain, in-house engineering team and our large portfolio of configurable accessories.

For the Pandemic

Hospitals are facing a new set of obstacles. From keeping up with the rising COVID-19 cases to staying connected to your patients, you need reliable workstations that can support your workflow. Let us help provide you with state-of-the art medical equipment that’s:

Durable – Our workstations are built with rock-solid materials for years of constant and backed by our standard 5-year warranty to protect your investment.

Ergonomic – Our sit-to-stand products are specially designed to remove ergonomic risk factors so your clinicians can better focus on patient care.

Powerful – Enough power to last an entire shift. LiFePO4 battery technology weighs less, lasts longer and charges more efficiently compared to other batteries.