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Altus Medication Delivery to Meet Pharmacy Requirements

Medication Delivery Carts and Secure Cabinets to Fit Your Workflows

Pharmacy is often held responsible for helping reduce medication errors and yet make it simple enough to not burden clinicians with complicated processes. All companies that work in healthcare have a duty to help improve medical practices and technologies in the best ways that they know how. At Altus, our main goals are patient satisfaction, healthy caregivers, and optimal mobility. Our technology workstations are built with these three tenets in mind. We place an emphasis on human factors, which work to contribute to a healthy and productive work environment.

Cliomed Binindrawer Detail
Medication delivery errors can cause a host of issues including legal.
Reduce Medication Errors

Clinicians walk over 5 miles per shift and can send up to 40% of a shift getting supplies. Reduce distraction and time spend getting supplies by stocking ClioMed with patient medication to help give nurses more time with patients and improve patient satisfaction. Each patient’s medications will be individually locked and clinician access can be monitored at the cart or from a computer with access to the central management software.

Easily improve your hospital's workflow using a mix of secure, ergonomic, and technology centered workstations.
Fit Your Workflow

ClioMed adapts to multiple workflows. View and access patient medication with a simple and intuitive user interface. Centrally located or locally managed user credentialing. Auto tracking of drawer access at ClioMed and Central Management Software.

The CMS (central management software) on the center of Altus' ClioMed.
Simple and Intuitive

ClioMed runs on a simple and intuitive software platform to make it easy, fast, and secure to access patient medications. With options to use access codes or RFID badges, setting up the units for your security and workflow needs is a snap. Our software allows you to tag drawers and bins by patient name, room number, medication type, or however best works for you to ensure it’s the right solution for you.

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