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IT Specialists

Altus carts are some of the most clinician approved and durable carts on the market.

Durable, long last workstation solutions

Healthcare system’s IT staff are now busier than ever. With the ongoing digital transformation and managing the equipment that works with it, you need a company you can trust. IT managers are now responsible for more than just the systems that are in place at a healthcare facility, but also the workstations clinicians use. Caught between getting the best return on their investment and giving the clinicians exactly what they want, often managers have to choose one over the other. Not with Altus. Our carts are some of the longest lasting, most durable carts on the market, along with winning clinicians’ choice for decades.

Three clinicians are using the standing feature on their wow cart.
Shepherd genesis single wheel shrouded caster for medical computer carts.

Decrease capital and operating expenses by reducing replacement batteries and repairs with our sturdy engineered carts. Increase your EMRAM scores through carts that meet all of your documentation needs.

Walking through a hospital, a clinician pushes a medical computer cart while a physician sits with a patient and inputs EHR data into his computer on his laptop cart.
Clinician Satisfaction

We build the most robust lightweight carts on the market to put less strain on nurses while they go about their shift. Our design is simple and intuitive to allow simple and fast deployment.

Several ClioMed medication delivery carts in a lineup ready to get sent to a hospital.
Deployment, Training, and Warranty

Our carts come fully assembled with a standard five-year limited warranty). We also offer deployment and training services to get you up and running without adding to your already packed schedule.

A hospital mobile workstation ready to be used in a hospital.
Equipment Management

All of our Clio powered carts come with our MPM View software (with optional fleet view) to help prevent workflow interruptions by quickly giving users system performance and proactive battery management.

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Altus wow cart with a battery.