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Clinicians need the best spaces, workstations, and tools for them to help their patients heal.

Altus Workstations are Built for Caregivers

Factors like hectic schedules, EHR difficulties, and physical and mental strain act as roadblocks to the best work environments for caregivers. Altus carts help to improve conditions to clear the way for the best patient care. Altus’ products are designed to fit each clinician. Our products help align you within your own personal ergonomic zone and help you with varying your position throughout your day. From standing to walking to sitting, we have you covered!

Healthcare workers using their powered carts in order to get their EHR charting done before helping the next patient.
Walking through a hospital, a clinician pushes a medical computer cart while a physician sits with a patient and inputs EHR data into his computer on his laptop cart.
Not Enough Time

With fewer nurses and more patients, nurses are required to do more. You need equipment that works with you to make your job easier - not harder!

In an office within a hospital two healthcare workers spent time to do EMR charting on their medical computer stands.
EHR Difficulties

With the implementation of EHRs, the average time spent on charting is now three additional hours. Nurses need a workstation they can bring with them to the bedside and can keep their equipment powered during their entire shift.

Walking into an elevator, a nurse easily pushes her med cart with computer into the elevator with her.
Physical and Mental Strain

We build the most robust lightweight carts on the market to put less strain on nurses while they go about their shift. Our design is simple and intuitive to let you easily get working within minutes of first interacting with our carts!

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Altus wow cart with a battery.