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EHRs Best Practices for Patient-Centered Care

Infographic EHRS best practices

To receive the best electronic healthcare record (EHR) adoption rate and ultimately to help your clinicians deliver the best care, use this EHRs best practices infographic to improve patient-centered care.

75% of healthcare providers say their EHR enables them to deliver better patient care, according to a HealthIT.gov report.

An EHR is a reliable, complete digital version of a patient’s paper chart that can be updated and accessed in real-time. This valuable data improves diagnostics and patient outcomes by aiding clinical decision-making and streamlining processes that once were time-intensive.

EHRs are becoming increasingly important in healthcare delivery. We know EHRs can improve patient care, but what are the best practices when doing so? Learn the best practices while using EHRs while making a positive impact on patient care with this infographic. Place it on or near your hospital workstations!

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