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C21 ClioSwap Powered Laptop Cart
C21 ClioSwap Powered Laptop Cart
C21 ClioSwap Powered Laptop Cart
*Cart does not come with monitor or laptop

C21 ClioSwap Powered Laptop Cart

A Clio Product

Our thoughtfully redesigned C21 ClioSwap laptop cart features a spacious, lockable worksurface to keep your technology secure and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray. ClioSwap runs on two flexible charging options for 24/7 run time. Either plug in your cart or simply swap out a low battery with a fully charged one. Meanwhile, easily adjust the height from 33.5” to 51.5” to sit or stand while you work. (C21-YYYY-Z)

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The ClioSwap Powered Laptop Cart

ClioSwap, from the Clio product line, is always having the ability to power up technology. Utilizing the best batteries on the market, our ClioSwap is designed to remove power supply obstacles and enhance care. ClioSwap is a powerful cart with 24/7 run-time with two flexible, simple and self-service charging options. Either plug your cart in or swap out a depleted battery for a fully charged battery.

Flexibility of Workflow

ClioSwap offers complete flexibility in swappable power and performance. Utilize either onboard charging; where the charger powers both the technology components and recharges the battery simultaneously or switch out the depleted battery for a fully charged battery.

Highly Mobile

Our ClioSwap laptop cart is one of the lightest in the industry making maneuvering around patient bedsides and medical equipment smooth and effortless. With our 18” wide footprint, ClioSwap can squeeze into tight places while still allowing ample room for foot placement.


ClioSwap laptop cart allows for effortless communication with little need for adjustments. Give care at the bedside and improve the patient experience.

Clinician Focused

Our ClioSwap workstation on wheels considers ergonomics and human factors to adjust to each unique clinician. Large worksurfaces, soft wrist rests, one-piece tilting keyboard design and keyboard light for dim charting environments help make a long shift more comfortable for caregivers. Our carts help you easily move from sitting to standing with Altus' Ascend lift technology.

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Download Specifications

ClioSwap 2.0 Laptop Cart - C21
ClioSwap 2.0 Brochure
Product Spec Guide
  • Model Numbers:
    • C21-YYYY-Z (Ascend)
  • Worksurface Dimensions: 20"D x 21"W
  • Base Dimensions: 18.5"W x 21.5"D
  • Weight: 106 lbs.
  • Caster Options (Base)
    • Z = 1 - the perfect choice for maximum mobility
      • Ascend Height Adjustable Base
      • 4"/100mm Shrouded Casters (2 locking / 2 non-locking)
    • Z = 2 - the perfect choice for floor-to-floor and traversing elevator thresholds
      • Ascend Height Adjustable Base
      • 4"/100mm Dual Wheel Casters (2 locking / 2 non-locking)
  • Power System
    • LiFePO4 Battery System
    • One battery
    • Integrated Cable Management
  • Worksurface
    • 5/8" 3D Laminate
    • Friction/Stay-Open Hinges
    • Keyed Lock (HIPAA Compliant)
    • Handle w/ Battery User Interface (HW)
    • Keyboard Light
    • Integrated Cordless Bar Code Holder
    • Laptop Stand
  • Keyboard Platform and Mousing - KBP
    • One-Piece Design
    • Left/Right Cable Management
    • Keyboard Platform Dims: 23"W x 8.75"D
    • Mousing Area 6-8"W (depending on keyboard size) x 8"D
    • 1/2" walls of keyboard platform prevent keyboard and mouse from falling off
    • Intuitive 0/-20 degrees tilting
    • Keyboard Platform Extends 4"
    • Contoured Wrist rest
  • Counterweight - CW
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