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Secure Computer Cart Usage and Management

Altus offers a full lineup of software options for smooth powered cart usage and secure management. With MPMView and our Central Management Software, IT can ensure each workstation is in working condition and can monitor battery health, perform diagnostics, and secure medication delivery for all clinicians.

Power System tracking with MPMView Software Suite

The MPMView Software Suite enables IT teams to track the performance of their powered cart fleets, and clinicians to work without fear of their workstations not working. Using ClinicView, the software sends alerts and power health information in real-time, so there are no surprises when it comes to the capabilities of Altus powered workstations.

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What does the MPMView Software Suite Offer?

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ClinicView offers a friendly toolbar for easy viewing of battery charge levels, charging time, and battery health. Any clinician can use it to see their cart's power level and keep it in working order.

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TechView brings real-time diagnostics to IT teams and computer cart servicers. It shows a workstation's power status, alarm history, and data logs for an efficient maintenance process.

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Upgrade the standard MPMView to FleetView for continuous monitoring of any powered cart fleet. FleetView allows hospitals to list and sort their mobile cart inventory and pick information about the workstations, including service reports.

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Smooth Battery Powered Workstation Ownership

MPMView makes keeping track of every Clio and ClioAir in a hospital effortless. IT team members are able to track each workstation in their fleet from one computer in real-time. With the software, hospitals are able to keep more carts in working order available for clinicians, and better schedule maintenance.

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Secure Medication Delivery Cart Management

For added security on all ClioMed carts, Altus offers Central Management Software (CMS). CMS connects to local networks so IT teams can download, combine, and save workstation logs. The software also allows remote management of device settings, including user access permissions and bin names. The added security levels empower nurses to have confidence when delivering medication.

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