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Medication Delivery Solutions

Altus provides best-in-class secure medication delivery and treatment carts with lockable secure drawers.

Medication Delivery Product Solutions.

Altus’s ClioMed is engineered to be the solution for medication administration safety. Complete with an ergonomic design, and ample and secure storage and documentation, it empowers every medication delivery, so your team has a smoother point-of-care administration.

Clio Med Hand

Utilizing LiFePO4, the safest battery technology on the market, with unsurpassed run-time of an average of 14 hours per full charge! Each patient’s medications will be individually locked and clinician access can be monitored at the cart or from a computer with access to the central management software.

Clio Med monitor tilt
Patient Confidence

Reduce errors and clinician fatigue by bringing med delivery to the point of care. Put more time back into patient care by eliminating wait time and walks to the med room. Clinicians are alerted with silent visible alarms for minimal patient disruption.

Clio Med Drawer
Clinician Focused

Reduces bending while clinicians perform tasks with the lightweight and ambidextrous cassettes and bins. Utilize 16” of effortless height adjustment to fit the user.

IT’s Choice

Remotely manage user access, audit tracking, battery power, and service issues. The locking technology storage area keeps your equipment and information safe. Clinicians can easily view and access patient medication with our simple and intuitive user interface.

Improve Workflows

Clinicians average two and a half hours per shift retrieving supplies! Drastically reduce this time by allowing clinicians to begin their shift gathering all of their patients’ medication prepared. Quickly access drawers with the quick access RFID badge reader. Drawers can be unlocked simultaneously for quick stocking of medication at shift change.

Clio Med removable bins
Work Smart & Secure

Electronically labeled drawers and color differentiated bins reduce the chance for errors. Categorize by patient name, room number, medication or supply type. Access is tracked at the cart and the central management software.

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