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Altus in Education

Our versatile workstations thrive in a collaborative education setting. Introducing a whole new way of looking at education workstations. Runner™ by Altus (formerly under the Workstuff brand) is a series of sit-to-stand adjustable small tables with the sole purpose of helping make a collaborative education space. Nest the workstations together to create a learning pod, or use a single one for a lectern.

Sitting or standing, Runner™ by Altus offers the best in: mobility, ease of adjustment, rugged performance and, of course, high-tech styling. Runner™ is ergonomically designed with you in mind. Whether it’s a teacher or a student, they can choose to sit or stand with a simple press of a lever. Altus’ Ascend® lift technology offers 18” (26.5”-44.5”) of effortless height sit-to-stand range adjustment. Our casters are built to go anywhere; creating a dynamic and interactive classroom. Select from ten different models, multiple accessories and work surface colors to go along with you and the classroom. Runner™ is making mobile workstations an ideal solution for schools.

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