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Ergonomics Features Aren't Always Intuitive.

Healthcare Facilities Lose $1 Billion a Week Due to Nursing Injuries.

With Altus, You Can Expect

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Substantial Adjustability

Our height adjustment lift allows each caregiver to be seated or standing with one single motion. Or adjust the monitor height and tilt and keyboard position for a healthy, advantageous view! Each adjustment is designed to help the user find their personal comfort zone faster - ultimately giving them more time to focus on the task at hand.

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Reduced Injuries

In any given 8 hour shift a caregiver may lift up to 1.8 tons. That would be like lifting a full-grown walrus each shift! Each aspect of our carts supports your clinicians - from smooth rolling casters, accessible bins without bending, and the overall weight of the cart reduce strain and the chance of injury. We're committed to helping you create a safe and healthy work environment.

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Maximum Durability

Proven through controlled testing, our casters, legs, electric lift mechanisms, drawers, monitor support, keyboard tray, and more have exceeded the 5-year average lifecycle. With less than 0.5% of Altus carts having required service fixes, healthcare teams can put back their attention on safety and efficiency.

... Without the High Price Tag


The Science of Place: Ergonomics and its Impact on Nurses

How Can Workstations Improve the Daily Worklife of Nurses?

Healthcare professionals are responsible for many people’s lives. In their daily routines, they care for a number of people and have a lasting impact on patients. But who is looking out for them? Nursing can take a toll on the body and one way to mitigate long-term bodily damage is through an ergonomic work environment.

In This Resource You’ll Learn:

• What makes a workstation ergonomic

• Is an ergonomic workstation really necessary?

• How Altus workstations can help

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