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A nurse uses a powered laptop cart to input EHR data while talking to her patient.

The science of ergonomics

The starting point when designing any workflow or healthcare space is creating a comfortable and safe workstation for clinicians. Mobile and wall-mounted workstations that follow the study of ergonomics offer the highest level of comfort to healthcare workers.

Ergonomic workstations allow clinicians to avoid awkward postures, bending, twisting, or even reaching throughout their shift. The computer cart is designed to offer 18 inches of height adjustment for a comfortable workstation height for any user. Height adjustable workstations keep all equipment in arm's reach and eliminate unnecessary motions, allowing clinicians to focus on their work and increase their productivity.

The picture depicts a sit-to-stand diagram showing the best position of technology to offer a comfortable wow cart when sitting or standing.

Creating comfortable workstations

Posture can make or break a shift. Incorrect positioning of equipment or of a clinician's body can cause fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders. Changing positions and posture can make a shift feel more comfortable and allow clinicians to focus on their patients rather than the pain their body feels.

Our workstations are engineered to offer a range of height adjustments to fit every clinician. With adjustments in monitor, keyboard, and height positions, clinicians are able to move the workstation until it allows them to be comfortable while working. They can sit or stand while keeping the workstation in their personal comfort zone.

Preventing work-related pain with proper ergonomics

Pain from routinely bending and twisting in odd ways is a commonality among healthcare workers. With more than half of nurses have experienced pain and potential musculoskeletal disorders in their lower back, a solution is in dire need.

Keeping the pain at bay can be achieved with ergonomic workstations that have the 8 key ergonomic features. These features range from keyboard placement to the cart's casters. Click to see all 8 key features that create a comfortable and ergonomic workstation.

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