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Medical computer carts engineered to last years in healthcare settings

The workstations used in healthcare should keep up with the clinicians using them day in and day out without fail. Altus designs and manufactures mobile computer carts engineered to last longer than the average 5-year lifecycle in a healthcare facility.

In order to ensure each workstation is able to accompany clinicians throughout multiple hospital floors, each Altus computer cart is constructed of solid yet lightweight cast aluminum, steel, and four different caster options.

A lineup of Altus powered carts in their production room

American-built mobile medical workstations

Headquartered in Michigan, Altus leverages a US-based supply chain is important to us. Keeping our roots at the center of our process allows us to consistently test the durability of our products, materials, and processes. Coupled with our American-focused sourcing for materials, we're able to ensure short lead times and our product is always available to meet demands, and our computer workstations are ready to assist any clinician.

How are Altus workstations built to last in healthcare?

Bridget Reach Card Group Size

Dependable materials

Altus builds our computer workstations from die-cast aluminum for a sleek and stylish design strong enough to experience years of routine use.

Altus 172 card group

Non-porous worksurfaces

Worksurfaces are constructed of non-porous materials to withstand even the harshest cleaning agents and disinfectants without damaging or becoming discolored.

Clio Hallway Card Group

Reliable electric lift

Our electric lift is built to match the height of the clinician. The lift design can endure going through a full raise and lower cycle over 90,000 times, meaning the cart won't quit mid-shift.

Safe and effective battery technology

As powered carts become more popular in healthcare, offering a safe battery that is as durable as the rest of the cart became our number one priority. Every powered mobile medical computer cart comes with a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery. The LiFePO4 chemistry was designed for the healthcare environment, with its elevated safety, extended charge for long hours, and continuous use. It allows healthcare professionals to use their powered workstation on wheels all shift long without fear of it breaking down.

A nurse prepares their tablet cart for a teleconference while another nurse gives her the information.

Workstation testing for years of continued use

Less than .5% of Altus carts have required service fixes, due in part to our rigorous testing process. We test every part of our carts from the casters to the VESA monitor mount. Some of our tests include pushing a cart into a beam at various speeds and adding extra weight when moving the cart. During product design, each cart was tested to withstand multiple unforgiving environments.

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