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Two nurses are looking at data showing up on a mobile computer workstations

Mobile workstations to support every workflow

Altus workstations are engineered to match the needs of healthcare. With roots in mobility and ergonomics, every hospital cart and computer workstation is designed to offer more comfort to clinicians, and improve the delivery of healthcare.

No matter what a workflow requires, Altus designs computers on wheels and wall-mounted workstations to fit. Each one is easily accessorized and tailored so every need is met.

Designed for healthcare

Each product design is built with healthcare in mind. We work to understand any pain points, needs, and clinicians' wishlist items.

For any new or additional pain points that may be experienced, Altus is here to help. There has yet to be a workstation pain point experienced by hospitals that we haven't resolved.

A nurse prepares their tablet cart for a teleconference while another nurse gives her the information.

How to tailor Altus workstations

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Altus workstations are designed to work with a variety of accessories to create smooth workflows. With options in shelves, bins, baskets, and bar code holders, there's a solution nearly for any need.

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Walking through available options

To help you determine how to best solve your workstation needs, a dedicated member of the Altus sales team will personally walk you through each available option.

Contact an Altus rep
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New configurations

Changing the configurations of current Altus workstations is sometimes all a cart needs to solve workstation painpoints. Arranging the orientation of the monitors and changing casters are just a few options for configurations.

Guide to Configuring

We work with you

When tailoring an Altus workstation for your hospital, an Altus Area Manager will be with you every step of the way. They will work with you directly to understand what your workflow needs are, what ideas you have, and any extra needs you might have to create the perfect computer cart. You are involved in the process from start to finish so you can see how the workstation will improve your workflows.

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