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Dress Up Your Workstation With Altus Accessories

By Team Altus
Published Oct 28, 2019 | Updated Feb 16, 2022 | 3 min read

Selecting your unique fleet of workstations can take some time. These accessories, from the ergonomic design and modern style, are just the thing to help make your Altus workstation optimized for your clinician's workflow.

Medical Workstation Accessories

Customizing your workstation with strategic solutions makes clinician's jobs easier and healthier.

Workstations for healthcare have been called many things

Workstation on wheels (WOWs), medical cart, mobile desk, mobile workstation, medical computer cart, EMR-workstation, and even the former computer on wheels (COWs).

Altus' own WOWs, Clio, has been described as

Stylish yet durable. Lightweight and ergonomic. A smooth ride. Tall. Short. Customizable. Our goal is to make electronic health record documentation as painless as possible for clinicians by designing workstations and accessories to match, so they can spend more time caring for patients. After they thrive at work, they can go home with that extra power to thrive at home, too.

Workstation accessories that empower your workflow and productivity

Altus Bins

Do you require more space? Altus accessory bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be mounted on the main column of the back of the worksurface. Store your barcode holders, small printers, documents and other task-related items.

Altus Drawers

Looking for a more secure storage solution? Choose from one or two accessory drawers for additional storage that can lock in supplies and medication. A variety of Altus drawers are designed with a modern platinum finish.

Altus Shelves

Multipurpose shelves can hold printers, CPUs and other small equipment.

Altus Casters

Choose from four heavy-duty casters. Each caster type was handpicked in order to fit in any environment you may have, so Altus' lightweight carts can be pushed without strain supporting ergonomic requirements.

Altus Power Accessories

Need an extra power cord accessory? We've got you. Altus prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for any power accessory you may need. Saving you time and money.

Altus Barcode Holders

Ergonomic accessories that are there when you need them, out of the way when you don't. These durable, platinum finish barcode holder solutions stand the test of time.

Whichever workstation accessories you choose, cheers to creating a workstation that’s uniquely yours and for empowering your workflow and productivity.

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