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Virtual Visitor Carts are Crucial Tools in Combating COVID-19

By Team Altus
Published Nov 09, 2020 | Updated Mar 02, 2023 | 5 min read

While COVID-19 travels around the world, healthcare systems are facing new obstacles. Patients who are quarantined are left without visitors, doctor schedules are overflowing as they try to schedule large numbers of patients, and personal protective equipment for practitioners is in short supply. To help alleviate these issues and combat COVID-19, telehealth and virtual visitor carts have become essential tools.

Virtual Visitor and Tablet Cart Benefits

  • Connects quarantined patients with their families

  • Compact

  • Preserves personal protective equipment (PPE)

Benefit #1: Connects patients with loved ones

Virtual visitor carts are able to provide quarantined patients with communication to the outside world during visitor regulations to contain the virus. It allows patients to see and speak with their families at any time and gives them the motivation to focus on healing. The mobile tablet or LCD cart can be wheeled next to a patient's bed and are easy to use so no patient will feel uncomfortable using them.

Telehealth carts can also be used for a hospital’s end-of-life patients. The video calls can give both the patient and their families needed closure. The patient can know they got to be with their family in their final moments with the virtual visitor cart right where they need it.

Benefit #2: Compact

Clinicians can use tablet carts to check on and communicate with patients without taking up a large amount of space. The mobile telemedicine carts are compact and highly mobile, so clinicians can easily push the cart out of the way or a corner of the room as needed.

The compact nature of tablet carts also allows clinicians to easily set up the tablet cart for the patient to use to visit family virtually. All the clinician has to do is wheel the lightweight virtual visitor cart up to the patient’s bedside, turn it on, and the patient is connected instantly. By allowing patients to communicate with their families with ease, clinicians see better patient outcomes.

Benefit #3: Preserves personal protective equipment (PPE)

Virtual visitor carts can help hospitals cope with a nationwide shortage. Hospitals have already limited the number of staff, and even fewer who can enter isolated rooms. To preserve disposable PPE equipment, some hospitals are turning to mobile telemedicine carts. These carts allow clinicians to communicate with patients without having to gear up in the necessary PPE equipment and the risk of exposing themselves to infectious pathogens.

Not having to gear up in PPE equipment every time a clinician visits a patient also allows hospitals to save money on purchasing mass quantities, so they can better determine how to use their current stock.

Meet "Cameo": The virtual visitor cart for your hospital’s workflow

Altus’ new tablet cart, Cameo, helps close the communication gap between patients, their loved ones, and practitioners. The cart is designed to work with a variety of tablets or monitors to offer mobile telehealth communications throughout any hospital.

It improves telehealth workflows, and with its small footprint, it can be stored any way or be pulled up to any hospital bed. Built with heavy-duty materials for easy cleaning and without diminishing the surface with EPA-approved disinfectants against COVID-19. Protect patients’ family members and practitioners by preventing the spread of infectious pathogens by virtually connecting patients.

How can Altus help?

Altus remains focused on developing products hospitals need and delivering those products quickly.

We made shifts in our operations and dedicated more team members to production. Our US-based supply chain helped us get workstations to our customers faster than our competitors.

  • Orders of 20 or fewer workstations are shipped within 10 business days. COVID-19 orders will be prioritized.

  • We are manufactured in the USA meaning, quick turnaround, shipping, and a robust supply chain.

  • Our products can handle the most rigorous cleaning regimens.

We are grateful for the commitment of healthcare workers around the world. As we move forward together, Altus remains focused on planning for a future of possibilities within the healthcare community and we’ll be here whenever you need us.

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