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Value Without Compromise: Technology Workstations

By Team Altus
Published Dec 12, 2019 | Updated Feb 04, 2022
  • Free freight on all standard products shipped to the contiguous 48 states, UPS ground on select popular products, and 10-day quick ship on 20 units or less.
  • American built sit-to-stand workstations that set a global standard for quality and craftsmanship.
  • Local manufacturing and sourcing ensure better quality, lead times, and more dependability.
  • Altus support teams are friendly and online service requests and transactions are easy.
  • No color upcharge and 70+ accessories for custom configurations.

By purchasing Altus workstations, you are receiving the best deal. Once a customer, you’ll go through our easy-to-navigate Altus Project Implementation Program, have access to AltusCare, our extended warranty and service program, and you’ll adopt the most durable and reliable workstation on the market.

1. Altus Project Implementation Program

The Altus Project Implementation Program is where your technology workstation on wheels and wall-mount visions and plans become a reality. The program is a systematic approach to integrating new Altus technology in your facility while considering your facility's current procedures.

One of the best investments you can make during a technology workstation integration is to have a clear plan.

To meet your optimal results, it’s important to pay attention to both the big picture and the fine details. This implementation guide will help you to communicate with key stakeholders, stay on track with checkpoints, identify key resources and establish a project timeline.

As you plan and prepare to get your Altus workstation solutions program up and running, together we’ll complete the following steps:

  • Survey Phase
  • Preparation Phase
  • Delivery Phase
  • Education Phase
  • Continued Partnership Phase

Your Area Sales Manager will help jumpstart your implementation and guide you throughout the entire process. Our goal at Altus is to do everything we can for you and your team to experience a smooth and successful implementation of new Altus technology workstations.

Survey Phase

Every successful implementation project begins with determining a clear vision of what you want the end result will look like. The vision will define the purpose of the initiative, create ongoing traction throughout the process, and set metrics for success. During the survey phase, together we will make sure we have the resources to execute and deliver your team’s vision of workflow optimization and clinician satisfaction.

The survey phase is designed to clarify and map out the exact quantities of workstations and assets needed. Altus will create custom configurations for each workflow to create custom solutions for you. During this time, Altus will create an accurate count for correct budgetary estimates and help ensure clinician satisfaction with Altus' workstations.

Summary and Checklist: Survey

Several team members from both Altus and the health system will come together to accurately count workstations needed per department, floor, and facility and identify key configurations for all. This phase will conclude with a final proposal for the facility to approve before ordering and implementation.

  • Build your team by identifying key employees to work with Altus throughout the survey
  • Provide access to Altus to enable easy access to departments for accurate workstation counts
  • Approve final proposal

Altus will coordinate with the facility to count the current workstations per department, floor, and facility. Workstations that are near the end of their life will be tagged and areas of improvement will be documented.

Once complete, Altus will provide an inventory recommendation. It may be advised to increase, decrease or keep the same number of workstations based on your workflow design and usage data. Accessories such as baskets, drawers, or colors may be suggested to create a configuration that works best for each department, floor, and facility.

Next, a summary of the proposed purchased will be broken down by department, floor, or facility and leadership will have the opportunity to sign-off on cart configurations per department.

Preparation Phase

To ensure seamless integration, parties from both organizations will come together to build a team and camaraderie. During this time the team will build a framework of developed plans and documented decisions. The plan will be built around the vision and will be adjusted and modified when taking in key stakeholders and protocols into consideration.

Summary and Checklist: Prepare

The preparation phase will consist of a series of meetings designed to set schedules, choose participants, and develop timelines and responsibilities for the deployment of the new product. You will also develop an education plan for the entire user base, to ensure product competency.

  • Your facility will work with Altus on a reverse timeline from purchase order to deployment.

Altus’ delivery preparation process is locked down to a science. Altus will schedule your incoming delivery in coordination with the disposal of decommissioned inventory. To ensure seamless integration, you will be provided a detailed inventory list broken down by department or floor. For reference, you’ll be given Altus serial numbers for easy asset tagging.

Delivery Phase

Careful preparation and planning during the survey and preparation phase will make the remaining steps in implementing Altus workstations go smoothly. This section tells you what will happen prior to workstations be delivered and the next steps after all technology workstations have been installed. Note that successful delivery is defined as having minimal disruption as old workstations are removed and new workstations are integrated.

Summary and Checklist: Delivery

During the delivery phase, all old workstations will be removed, and new products will be delivered and deployed according to the timeline and requirements established in the preparation phase.

• Old workstation disposal

To remove the old products, the facility can purchase and utilize Altus’ resources. All workstations will need to be gathered in a central location for proper disposal. If a facility chooses to not use Altus’ resources, they are responsible for the logistics of old product removal.

• Transfer patients if necessary

• Determine appropriate staffing

• Gather all technology necessary for deployment and use

Altus Responsibilities:

Altus will coordinate predelivery logistics. The deliveries scheduled will optimize deployment and integration services and we will strategies for bundled deliveries for added cost savings.

Altus Additional Service: Old Workstation Disposal

For an additional cost, Altus would be happy to help you remove all products. If your facility requires this service, all removal and recycling will be coordinated during the survey and preparation phase and put into the timeline schedule.

Altus Additional Service: Integration

For an additional cost, Altus would be happy to do everything for you to make sure integration goes smoothly. This includes unpacking carts, wire management, quality inspection, installing any accessories, installing Power Management Software, and preparing for deployment.

Educational Phase

At this point, we’ve followed a clear plan and deployed workstations in your facility. Now it’s time to focus on training your users and driving adoption. Developing a training strategy will provide users with knowledge of the product and what is expected.

During the educational phase, an Altus product expert will provide training opportunities for your organization’s Altus workstation users and support team.

Summary and Checklist: Educational

Altus will host a fundamentals training course for all workstation users and support. They will also provide an advanced user course for select members who will be considered product experts, or Super Users, moving forward. These people will be an ongoing resource during and after delivery. Your attendees will walk away with a strong understanding of the products. For optimal results, all education should be completed within a few days of delivery.

• Coordinate a location and schedule

• Facilitate sign-up for scheduled training sessions

Altus will provide guides, technical manuals, webinars, service videos, best practices, and FleetView utilization management training.

Altus Additional Service: On-site personalized training

For an additional cost, an Altus product expert will provide private training for your organization in on-site classes. This personalized training is for both clinical staff, IT, and others who would like to be in the know. The onsite classes will take place at specific, predetermined times. Staff will be asked to sign up for a session and attend the training for the entire scheduled time to help ensure optimal knowledge retention.

Continued Partnership

The final phase of the process is partnering for continued success. During this phase, the facility and Altus will review the implementation process, evaluate whether expectations were met, and determine if any additional support is necessary. As your needs grow, you also may want to explore other products and solutions of the Altus product line.

Summary and Checklist: Continued Partnership

The continued partnership phase will allow the facility to provide feedback on the delivery process and to establish a plan for ongoing support. The Altus team will answer any questions the facility may have and provide plans for future follow-up.

• Assess process and determine if additional training is needed

• Communicate needs for ongoing product support

• Provide feedback via Altus survey

• Sign off on successful implementation

Altus will offer a comprehensive summary of the implementation process and schedule any additional training if necessary. We will discuss future opportunities as your business and needs continue to grow. Further contact information for product and service support will be provided.

2. AltusCare: Extended Warranty & Service Program

Standard Warranty & Services

Altus is confident in our rock-solid construction and built a 5-year limited warranty to match.

Extended Warranty & Services

Select the right warranty and service programs that fit your needs from our vast portfolio of options.

We know life happens and workstations may need repairs—especially in the demanding environments of healthcare facilities. Once an Altus customer, you can fill out a service request on the AltusCare service portal and an Altus support member will be in contact with you within two business hours. If needed, someone can be onsite within 72 hours with even faster times available.

AltusCare Service Portal

AltusCare is our service management platform that supports service requests, customer communication, repairs, warranty information, and troubleshooting. The AltusCare platform makes it easier to troubleshoot issues and if necessary, request a service repair, making workstations more effective overall.

Altus customers – including clinicians, IT support, and healthcare leaders – may belong to different communities based on their interests and jobs. The Community Portal provides community online message boards for all types of users to find information, share tips, and feature requests, ask questions, and more.

3. Durability and Reliability are Core Attributes on Altus Products

Altus is proud to build extremely durable workstations. In fact, only 0.5% of our carts have required service fixes in the past. Altus builds carts that last much longer than the average 5-year lifecycle of other workstations. Many of our carts consistently last over 10 years.

To ensure we’re designing the most dependable workstation, already 1000’s hours of testing have been done. Check out our durability white paper for the complete breakdown.

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