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Three Considerations to Make Before Purchasing Computer Tower Carts

By Team Altus
Published Jul 10, 2020 | Updated May 03, 2022 | 4 min read

When it comes to choosing your computer tower cart, the choices can be overwhelming. In this buying guide, we broke down what you need to look for and consider before you make your next purchase of computer tower carts that best suits your needs. Read on to learn more.

1. Computer Tower Cart Design

Depending on what the cart is being used for, there is a chance it will be in a facility where customers are around, and you may need to impress. Find a computer tower cart that is visually appealing for both the user and the people in the cart’s presence.

Computer tower cart components are known to be made of many different materials including plastic, aluminum, and even glass. Depending on the environment and usage, you may find a certain material more attractive.

Altus recommends opting for a cart made of mostly aluminum for healthcare environments as they are easy to clean, can last for constant years of use, and are aesthetically pleasing.

2. Computer Tower Cart Functionality

Before making a purchasing decision, make sure to talk to all users on what they expect and need from the computer tower cart. For example, depending on your technology, you may need a cart that is built to support laptops or LCD monitors. Depending on the usage, you may need a cart that is optimized to support medication delivery or telemedicine services.

Computer Tower Cart Applications


Laptop tower carts allow you to seamlessly bring technology from room to room. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are two types of laptop tower carts to choose from; locking and non-locking. Locking laptop tower carts provide extra security for your technology. One example is a surface that can be unlocked to place the laptop in, and then lock the surface closed with a key. This type of cart usually has a separate keyboard, so the user still has access to controlling the technology. An unlocked laptop tower cart features a simple surface to easily place your laptop on and off.

LCD Monitor

Many LCD tower carts on the market utilize monitor support that can tilt, swivel, and height-adjust. Do you need support for just a single monitor, or do you need a dual monitor bracket to support two monitors? Do you prefer horizontal monitor support or vertical monitor support? How much weight does the monitor support need to hold? These are all questions you’ll face when choosing an LCD computer tower cart.

EMR Medical

Computer tower carts allow clinicians to access electronic healthcare records (EHRs) near or at the patient bedside removing room for error and increasing patient satisfaction.

Medication Delivery

To pillar the advancements in pharmaceutical technology, computer tower carts can provide ongoing security and empower efficient delivery of medication administration at the point of care. Med delivery computer tower carts are built with secure storage and software.


After the push from COVID-19, many hospitals are opting for telehealth tower carts, a powered mobile workstation that is equipped with a webcam and other tools needed to support telemedicine.

Computer Tower Cart Characteristics


Proper positioning goes a long way. Studies show that changing your posture and/or your position regularly (sitting to standing) can help reduce fatigue and improve productivity. A computer tower cart that supports the user’s ergonomic needs is an important characteristic to look for.

Power source

The power options available for computer tower carts gives the user many choices on how they want to charge their workstation.

Swappable power carts feature a battery that can easily be replaced by a fully charged battery, and the depleted battery goes back on the charger giving the user non-stop power.

Typical powered carts feature a battery at the bottom of the cart that can last up to an entire 12-hour shift and charges by being plugged into the wall. Even when charging, the user can still work using the technology.

3. Computer Tower Cart Durability

It’s likely you will be using your new computer tower cart for many hours in the day and you need a cart that works just as hard as the user does. Consider a cart this is not only stylish but is durable. opt for a durable computer tower cart that utilizes sturdy non-porous surfaces that are able to withstand cleaning agents without degrading.

All in all, even the toughest computer tower carts can need repair after facing a demanding environment. Check-in with the supplier’s warranty and service programs before making any purchasing decision.

At Altus, durability and reliability are core attributes of our computer tower cart products. We understand the demanding environment in healthcare, education, and office settings face and have designed a rock-solid 5-year standard warranty and a portfolio of extended warranties and services to support our customers. Check out Altus' warranty and services here.

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